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Milan Furniture : Designs + Products

Contemporary Products in Lombardy, Italy – designs by Zaha Hadid

23 Apr 2008

Milan Furniture Fair

Design: Zaha Hadid Architects

Salone Internazionale del Mobile

Dates: 16-21 Apr 2008

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Silver Bowl for Sawaya & Moroni ACRYLIC BOWL
Silver Bowl for Sawaya & Moroni ACRYLIC BOWL by Zaha Hadid Architects

Ré Chandelier for Swarovski
Ré Chandelier for Swarovski Ré Chandelier

‘Midnight Blue’ Mesa for Vitra
Midnight Blue Mesa
picture : Eduardo Perez

Scoop courtesy of Sawaya & Moroni
Scoop Sawaya & Moroni

Ré Chandelier for Swarovski
Ré Chandelier Swarovski

‘Midnight Blue’ Mesa for Vitra
Midnight Blue
photography Barbara Song

Moon System for B&B Italia
Moon System
photography : Fabrizio Bergamo

Bowl for Sawaya & Moroni
Bowl for Sawaya & Moroni

Milan Furniture Fair images from Zaha Hadid Architects 11 Apr 2008

Ré chandelier for Swarovski
Swarovski Crystal Palace, 56 via Savona, 20144 Milan

chandelier Swarovski

From my first days in architecture at the Architectural Association, I have always been interested in the concept of fragmentation. For me the idea of fragmentation has also to do with the idea of dynamism, of a cosmic explosion of some kind. For this piece, each Swarovski crystal can be considered as an individual element that interrelates with, and responds to, every other crystal.

Locked in a spiraling vortex, the crystals direction is determined by the forces of an explosion. As with our architecture, contextual embedding is always considered. The chandelier relates to – and interacts with – each new environment in a unique manner; constantly reinventing itself and offering exciting new possibilities with each installation.

Zaha Hadid 7th April 2008

Mesa for Vitra
La Triennale di Milano, Viale Alemagna 6, 20121 Milano

Mesa for Vitra
photography Barbara Song

Mesa becomes a microcosmic extrusion of the spatial ideas inherent in Zaha’s architecture. Form doesn’t follow only function but instead is drawn along by the narrative of the plan and flow of space. It becomes something plastic and elastic, more Einsteinian than Cartesian, an evocation of a world shaped by unseen forces and dark matter, a fluid, flowing, four-dimensional world in which a table can distort the space within it and around it. It transforms any space into a Zaha room.
Descriptive text by Edwin Heathcote

Moon Systems for B&B Italia
B&B Italia Store, via Durini, 20122 Milan

Moon Systems for B&B Italia
photography : Fabrizio Bergamo

The MOON System, a totally unique new seating concept, combines the unrivalled experience in manufacturing technologies of B&B Italia with Zaha Hadid Architects’ many years of research into complex curvilinear geometries.

Ergonomics and beauty are blended in a continuous shape. MOON liquefies the traditional sofa typology to accommodate a variety of users in a flexible and comfortable design. The complex double-curvature geometries introduced by Zaha Hadid allow the smooth transition between the surrounding space and pieces themselves. MOON is able to constantly reconfigure the equilibrium between solid and void, positive and negative, object and space.

Bowl for Sawaya & Moroni
Sawaya & Moroni Showroom, via Manzoni Alessandro 11, Milan

Bowl for Sawaya & Moroni

A fluid form of curvilinear geometry, this silver bowl is a continuation of the morphological design language Zaha Hadid has explored and developed over the past three decades.

Sawaya & Moroni Bowl

The elegant sculptural mass of the bowl is slightly concave in its centre and responds to the diffusion of energies that are generated at its perimeter, inviting an exploration of natural forces and affording a unique contextual relationship within any environment. Whilst at first appearing unscripted and spontaneous, the total fluidity of the bowl’s volume follows the overriding formal logic of Hadid’s research into systems of continuous transformations and smooth transitions.

The silver bowl further develops this dialogue, allowing the architect to capture the ephemeral qualities and diffused forms of clouds, solidifying them in sterling silver.

Zaha Hadid

Location: Milan, Lombardy, northern Italy

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Generali Tower
Design: Zaha Hadid Architects
Generali Tower Citylife in Milan
photo © Hufton + Crow
Generali Tower Building in Milan

CityLife Shopping District
Design: Zaha Hadid Architects
Citylife Shopping District in Milan
photograph © Hufton+Crow
CityLife Shopping District Milan

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