Foro Ciel – Mexico City Building

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Foro Ciel : Mexico City Architecture

Mexican Co-working Space Building – design by Rojkind arquitectos + AGENT

3 Apr 2013

Transformadora Ciel Program

Design: Rojkind arquitectos + AGENT

Location: Mexico City, Mexico

Foro Ciel Mexico
photo : Jaime Navarro

Foro Ciel Mexico City

As part of an ongoing collaboration with The Coca-Cola Company, Rojkind Arquitectos together with AGENT worked on the design of Foro Ciel, the physical space which will house the content for the Transformadora Ciel programs.

Foro Ciel Mexico
photo : Jaime Navarro

Foro Ciel emerges as the vivid example of a positive transformation as its main premise. Having an unused space as a starting point (flat roof and helipad) and transforming it into a productive co-working center, surrounded by green areas, the space not only achieves functionality but also revives a corner of the city.

Foro Ciel Mexico Foro Ciel Mexico Foro Ciel Mexico Foro Ciel Mexico
photos : Jaime Navarro

The site, reinvented with recycled materials and a series of clean technologies, acquires a green roof whose vegetation does not require irrigation from the grid since a rain water collecting system was installed.
Regarding the environmental impact, we took into account various aspects during design and construction to minimize environmental damage and even have a positive impact. For example, the aesthetic “industrial” project is intended to leave many elements (facilities, pipelines, etc.) So apparent to avoid using extra materials finishes.

Foro Ciel Mexico Foro Ciel Mexico Foro Ciel Mexico Foro Ciel Mexico
photos : Jaime Navarro

The customized furniture, includes interchangeable modules that activate a flexible configuration interior where different groups are able to work in various topics and re-arrange the layout as their work flow requires to. The shapes within the space, as well the curved windows are reminiscent of Ciel’s “double droplep” logotype and a representation of the dynamic work space it holds.

Foro Ciel Mexico Foro Ciel Mexico
images from architects

– Natural and LED-based lighting – Water-based paint for structural elements
– Powder coated paint for most furniture pieces.
– The majority of furniture pieces are locallyproduced.
– Green roof including an orchad with rain water collection system.
– Use of recycled materials and re-utilization of existing structural elements from the helipad.
– Use of low impact materials that contribute to LEED certification
– Solar panels which contribute to most of the electrical requirements of the space.
– Exposed installations to eliminate the need of unnecessary finishes.

Foro Ciel Mexico City – Building Information

Architectural Project: rojkind arquitectos + AGENT

rojkind arquitectos: Michel Rojkind [Founding Partner], Gerardo Salinas [Partner]
Alberto Villarreal [AGENT], Felipe Castañeda [AGENT], Isaac Smeke [AGENT]

Program: Co-working Space
Construction Area: 500 sqm
Status: Built
Design Date: 2012
Location: Mexico City, Mexico
CLIENT: The Coca-Cola Company
Lighting Design: Sylumis + AGENT
MEP: Innovative Design
Structural Engineering: Ing. Jorge A. Cadena

PHOTOGRAPHY: Jaime Navarro

Foro Ciel Mexico images / information from TABB Architecture

Rojkind arquitectos

Location: Mexico City, México, North America

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