Casa San Jose del Cabo, Baja California Sur Residence, Mexican Home, Architect

Casa Gavión, México : San Jose del Cabo House

Property in Baja California Sur design by architectural studio ColectivoMX

24 Feb 2012

Location: San Jose del Cabo, Baja California Sur, México

Design: architectural studio ColectivoMX

Emotional Architecture in Casa Gavión, Following the Path set by Luis Barragán

Casa Gavión, San Jose del Cabo House, Baja California Sur

Casa Gavión

“I believe in an emotional architecture.” – Luis Barragán. Barragán reinvented Mexican modern architecture with sensuous aesthetics, vivid colors, attention to spaces and light, while accentuating the building’s natural surroundings. Casa Gavión by architectural studio ColectivoMX tries to evoke that emotional architecture. The use of massive proportions, volumes, forms, textures and colors aims to move feelings and emotions.

Casa Gavión, San Jose del Cabo, Baja California Sur

In an awarded architectural studio ColectivoMX, well known for their regionalism in home design, they had four principles in mind during the creation of this impressive nature conscious home, located in San Jose del Cabo, Baja California Sur, Mexico:

1. Passive sustainability: by using regional materials and local labor force during the construction.

2. Sensibility of the materials: by using different textures and reinterpreting their usage.

3. Integration of the indoor and outdoor spaces: maximizing the usage of the space.

4. Low maintenance costs.

 Baja California Sur home  Baja California Sur residence

The concept of the home is based on its residents and the enjoyment of all the spaces, where exterior becomes equally important as interior, complimenting the great weather of Baja California Sur with 350 sunny days per year. All the spaces in Casa Gavión are looking to the exterior, with each room having its own garden or terrace.

The dining and living room integrate directly to the open areas (large terrace and patio with the pool and lounge area). The bedroom on the ground level looks to a patio dominated by a magnificent cardon cactus which existed in the original site. Both master bedrooms on the 1st floor have their own terrace, and on the 2nd floor there is a large terrace with 360 C views of the Sea of Cortez, adjacent golf courses and the majestic mountains, ideal for sipping wine at sunset and star gazing.

Casa Gavión Casa Gavión Mexico San Jose del Cabo property San Jose del Cabo house, Baja California Sur

The house organizes around a “breathing wall” made out of gabion boxes; an element normally found along the highway between San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas. ColectivoMX took this element and changed its use and nature, making it a key element of the project’s material palette. Gabion has excellent isolation features to protect the spaces from the sun while at the same time it functions as blinds, letting the air through the wall and cooling the area, allowing the house to “breath in and out”.

Taking advantage of the local weather pocket doors and windows were designed for the house in order to make this boundaries disappear, and at some point, feel that the house is just part of the exterior, being able to enjoy the fresh breeze, the salty ocean smell and the birds singing.

Windows in Casa Gavión function as a security asset: you use your windows when you are not using your home. The orientation of the home, cross ventilation, pergolas and a rock wall ensure isolation within the home and eliminate the need to use the air-conditioning.

Baja’s eternal summer was one of the inspirations for different textures implemented in this home: rock wall, pebble stones, gypsum, stucco, rustic plaster, fine plaster, fine grass, beach sand, water and wood – the materials that can be enjoyed walking barefoot in and around the house. The idea of walking around barefoot with hands stretched out, touching and feeling everything that surrounds you was an idea that excited the architects.

The house has been designed to save energy and be environmentally friendly. The roof is isolated with high density foam, thus reducing the need for AC. Solar energy systems, grey water usage system, and an ingenious pool design which integrates dipping pool, swimming pool and jacuzzi reduces the water consumption generally used in homes with pools, are some of the environmental friendly features of the house.

Casa Gavión Casa Gavión Mexico Casa Gavión San Jose del Cabo Casa Gavión Baja California Sur

ColectivoMX is devoted to the study and creation of an architecture with soul; the purpose of their projects is to build identity that can blend into the context and the community for which they are created. ColectivoMX believes that architecture not only serves the purpose of giving a shelter to life, but also fulfilling the deepest desires of those communities who will live there, of favoring new ways to share in peace and, at the same time, of shaping and creating awareness about the landscape that our children will inhabit in the future.

Sustainability, economy and quality are the premises of ColectivoMX; delivering integral project is their objective.

With two offices, in Mexico City and Los Cabos, BCS, ColectivoMX is currently developing projects of various sizes and characteristics: urban, industrial, equipment and real estate projects, single-family houses and remodeling, as well as consultancy and project development.

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Casa Gavión – San Jose del Cabo Property images / information from architectural studio ColectivoMX

Location: San Jose del Cabo, Baja California Sur, México, North America

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