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Architecture and the Property Market in Valletta

18 Nov 2019

With so much property for sale in Malta, it can be difficult to pick one location to invest in. In the following article, we’re going to shine the spotlight on the capital city of Valletta for those who’re interested in a mix of classical and contemporary architecture.

Architecture And The Property Market In Valletta, Malta

Architecture And The Property Market In Valletta Malta
photo courtesy of Jonas Thijs

About Valletta

Valletta is the ancient capital of Malta and it’s named after its founder, Grand Master Jean de Valette, who established it during the 16th century. It’s a UNESCO world heritage site that boasts well-maintained palaces, cathedrals and museums.

It’s also home to a flourishing real estate market that’s underpinned by a strong Maltese economy.

Notable architecture in Valletta

A visit to Valletta is a historian’s dream because the city is peppered with an array of ancient structures of great import.  In fact, Valletta has a wonderful mix of both ancient and contemporary architecture.

This includes the recently renovated Triton Fountain which perfectly encapsulates the city’s connection to the sea.

The Valletta City Gate serves as an entrance into the city and it’s a contemporary take on the city’s design aesthetic. It was designed by renowned architect Renzo Piano, who is known for his modular yet exciting style.

The Upper Baraka Gardens is a well-known tourist attraction and for good reason. These gardens are an oasis that stretches out to sea and they enjoy mesmerizing views of the Grand Harbor as well as The Three Cities.

Valletta Property Market Malta
photo courtesy of Luke Tanis

Next you have Casa Rocca Piccola, a luxuriant Palazzo which is like a time capsule to the 16th century. The current Marquis still resides in the Palazzo but a great portion of it is open to the public.

St. John’s Co-Cathedral is another landmark that takes pride of place as one of the most beautiful churches in Malta. It’s designed according to baroque style architecture and its marble floors are actually made up of tombs, while the walls are adorned with stunning classical paintings from greats like Caravaggio.

To say that Malta has a lot of museums is an understatement and most of them are located in Valletta. The Toy Museum in particular deserves an honorable mention. One could spend hours in this museum getting lost in the joy of play, and you get to see what children played with during different eras in history.

The National War Museum at Fort St. Elmo offers incredible views of the sea and it hosts ancient war artefacts that give you a glimpse into Malta war history.

All told, the above-mentioned buildings are a melting-pot of Valletta’s eclectic architecture and a good representation of the city’s design aesthetic.

Valletta Real Estate architecture
photo courtesy of Marc Kleen

Valletta’s Architectural Style

The distinguishing factor in all Maltese architecture (regardless of era) is grandiose style with influences from different cultures. You can see it in the rustic farmhouses that perfectly blend functional living with opulently antique style.

Buildings in Valletta also share similar characteristics such as the Arab-inspired patterned tiles.

Also built into most Maltese structures are wells that are meant to ensure that every building-whether it’s a house or a museum- has its own water supply. Even modern townhouses and villas come with this feature which allows home owners to collect rainwater and ensure reliable water resource.

Then you have Maltese balconies which are synonymous with the country’s architecture. The same goes for the muxrabija, which is like a box-shaped peephole built-in to the building façade so that someone from the inside can see into the outdoors without anyone being the wiser. The muxrabija also serve the dual function of ventilating the house, which can really come in handy during those hot summer months.

The Real Estate Market in Valletta

Although small, Valletta is one of the most in-demand property markets in the world. That’s because it offers an eclectic mix of real estate at attractive prices and it’s backed by a stable real estate market.

In Valletta, you’ll find lots of stylish modern apartments as well as converted townhouses and maisonettes. Buying property in this city is a great investment choice because you can always convert it into a rental unit or holiday accommodation for the throngs of tourists who flock to the country each year. It’s also a great place to retire if that’s what you’re after, and you won’t have to worry about paying exorbitant tax fees.

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Architecture And The Property Market In Valletta Malta
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