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Key Contemporary Architectural Developments in the central Mediterranean, Europe

post updated 27 Feb 2020

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Architecture in Malta

e-architect select major examples of innovative Maltese Architecture. We try to include Maltese buildings that are either of high quality and interesting. We cover completed buildings, new building designs, architectural exhibitions and architecture competitions across Malta. Our focus is on contemporary Maltese buildings but information on traditional buildings in Malta is also welcome.

We have 1 page of Maltese Architecture selections with links to many project pages.

New Malta Buildings

New Maltese Architecture Developments, chronological:

28 Aug 2013
TreeHouse – ‘A Residential Adaptive Reuse Project’, Naxxar
Design: Galea&Galea Architects
TreeHouse Malta
photo : Homeworks Malta
TreeHouse represents the timeless expression of Maltese contemporary residential values. By challenging the traditional concept of the dwelling and reinterpreting the role of local techniques and materials, the design concept explores sustainable adaptive reuse in a dynamic context.

12 Apr 2013
Hanging Home, Naxxar
Design: Chris Briffa Architects
Hanging Home Malta
photo : David Pisani
House in Naxxar
A sculptural, white cube seemingly floating above an olive garden was recently completed in the suburban village of Naxxar. The young family of three, wanted a jovial home to grow old in; framed within timeless, contemporary architecture.

1 Mar 2013
Hal Fehr Resort Buildings
Design: Make architects
Hal Fehr Resort Malta
picture © Make architects
Hal Fehr Resort
Make architects have received planning for a luxury resort in Hal Fehr, Malta near Golden Bay.

25 Feb 2013
Aragon House Business Centre, St Julian’s, north Malta
Architects: BCS Periti
Aragon House Business Centre Malta
photo : Rene Rossignaud
Aragon House Business Centre
Located in an area of intense daytime and nightlife activity, and with a rather restricted site, the design of this building boldly departs from the nearby grid buildings and its elliptical shape makes a distinctive statement to its surroundings, creating a landmark.

Maltese Architecture 2010 – 2012

20 Apr 2012
Pool Pavilion

Design: Architecture Project
Pool Pavilion Building Malta
picture © Kurt Arrigo
Pool Pavilion Malta
The requirements of the owners of this traditional rural Maltese property in the North of the island included the reorganisation of the existing pool-side facilities.

17 Nov 2011
St. Barbara’s Bastion, Valletta, north east Malta
Design: Architecture Project
St. Barbara’s Bastion
picture © David Pisani, Metropolis
St. Barbara’s Bastion
The brief for this Maltese Building centered on three major elements. The first was the creation of an office space in an old building which would include all the qualities necessary for a contemporary working space; light, clarity, comfort and ease of access.

28 Jul 2011
Corporate Village, Mriehel, central Malta
Design: Architecture Project
Corporate Village Malta
picture © Architecture Project
Corporate Village Malta
This project is located within a brownfield site that lies along this edge, within what has been an industrial zone since the 1960s. In the last decade, new office developments have taken shape in this zone, thus changing the dynamics of the area and bringing a drastic increase in its working population.

Maltese Architecture

Major Maltese Buildings + Architectural Developments, alphabetical:

Dining Pavilion
Architecture Project
Dining Pavilion Malta
picture © David Pisani / METROPOLIS
Dining Pavilion Malta

Filfla Chapel, Filfla – islet 5km south of Malta

Design: Richard England

The Garden of Apollo, St Julians / San Giljan, northeast Malta
Design: Richard England

Malta Maritime Authority Trade Centre, Marsa, south Malta
Architecture Project
Malta Maritime Authority Centre
picture © David Pisani / METROPOLIS
Malta Maritime Authority Centre

St Joseph’s Church, Manikata, Mellieha, northwestern Malta

Richard England

two twentytwo, Valletta, northwestern Malta
Design: Chris Briffa Architects

Valletta Waterfront
Architecture Project
Valletta Waterfront Malta
picture © David Pisani / METROPOLIS
Valletta Waterfront

More Maltese buildings online soon

Location: Malta, southern Europe

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