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Madrid Convention Centre Design

CICCM Competition: International Convention Centre in central Spain design by Mansilla + Tuñón & Peralta

25 Mar 2010

Madrid Convention Centre


Site: Paseo de la Castellana, Madrid

Architects: Mansilla + Tuñón Arquitectos + Peralta, Arquitectos

Project Description

Madrid Convention Centre

Due to its specific conditions, the site for the competition claims an optimistic intervention able to qualify the surrounding public spaces and buildings with a representative -civic- condition, strong enough not to be overwhelmed by the presence of the four high-rise towers.

Madrid International Convention Centre Madrid International Convention Centre Madrid International Convention Centre Madrid International Convention Centre

Departing from the decision of expanding the green area in order to guarantee the pedestrian circulation across the voids of the urban plan, the convention centre becomes a compact and efficient high-rise structure. The building adopts a non-challenging attitude towards the four towers in the edge of the Castellana axis, by means of scale and shape. A great circular structure that tries to relate to the towers in the same way that the domes and bell-towers of churches used to get along.

The motto “from Madrid to heaven” reflects on the collective nostalgia of the city’s inhabitants. Nostalgia, perhaps for the ancient solar figure that disappeared years ago from the ‘Puerta del Sol’. Needless to say, the reference to the sky, the stars, the sun, has been prevalent in architecture since the beginning of times, ranging from the magical, to the religious, to the romantic.

The proposal tries to build a new sun for Madrid, a sun frozen at its dawn, optimistic and full of light, that reminds us of the actuallity of a city that lives, works and has fun all-day and all-night long. Madrid, a city where the sun never sets. A sun for all the citizens of the world, that while remaining anthropomorphic presents itself with multiple eyes, representing every single citizen of Madrid; a musical score written with voids; almost a starry sky, that will be built with sustainable systems, where technology will serve ecology. Water, air, energy and communication will be the materials of the new star of Madrid.

Madrid International Convention Centre

Madrid International Convention Centre – Building Information

Site: Paseo de la Castellana, Madrid
Architects: Luis M. Mansilla, Emilio Tuñón and Matilde Peralta
Client: Madrid Espacios y Congresos
Colaboradors for the competition: Ana del Arenal, Arabella Masson, Marceline Ruckstuhl, Elke Gmyrek, Andrés Regueiro, Carlos M. de Albornoz, Jesús Vassallo, Carlos Brage, Angela Oña.
Colaboradors for the execution project: Jesús Vassallo, Nuria Martinez Salas, María José Castillón, Javier González Galán, Rubén Arend, Arabella Masson, David Orkand, Marta Renom Carbonell.
Consulting: Gogaite S.L. (Alfonso Gómez Gaite), J.G. asociados (Emilio Gonzalez), Jappsen Ingenieure, ENAR-Envolventes Arquitectónicas, Arau Acústicos (Higini Arau), Sancho Páramo.
Model makers: HCH Models

Competition date: Feb 2007

Madrid International Convention Centre images / information from Mansilla + Tuñón Arquitectos

Mansilla & Tuñón

Location: Paseo de la Castellana, Madrid, Spain

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