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Rooftop Pool With 360-degree Views

Skyscraper with transparent Cast Acrylic Swimming floor in London, UK

30 July 2019

First Rooftop Pool With 360-degree Views on top of a Skyscraper in London

Author: Mario Petkovski

Since the technology is evolving so fast, we are given the possibilities to make incredible architectural designs that are never seen before. With all the high-tech equipment, people can surpass some physical barriers from the past and build something incredible. Folks around the world are working tirelessly in order to create incredible engineering solutions that were compromised by the laws of physics in the past. Architects are testing new materials, designs, technologies to reach the next step further.

First Rooftop Pool With 360-degree Views on top of a Skyscraper in London
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So, when it comes to pools, we all want a swimming pool with an incredible view. It seems that the idea of swimming in the water while enjoying the perfect view is the recipe people seek. When it comes to pool view, it does not get better than this. This rooftop infinity pool builds on 55 stories high skyscraper in London will enable you to enjoy every bit of England’s capital while swimming. The 600,000-liter pool is taking things up to the next level.

It is designed by Compass Pools and is currently only a design solution that might happen. The skyscraper is meant to be 200 meters tall, but there is still no defined location for this building in London.

The sides of the pool will be made from cast acrylic rather than glass, which will enable the pool to be perfectly clear from all sides as the material transmits light similarly to water. All sides from the pool will be made from cast acrylic, even the bottom, which means that visitors in the building will be able to see the swimmers in the pool.

Since this project is not a regular one, it must be done carefully with precision and look at all the dangers they might face. First of all, there is water temperature since it is 200 meters high and the wind. The designers are proposing to build an anemometer to monitor the wind speed and make sure the water is not blown on the streets. The designers will use the wasted energy from the building’s air-conditioning to heat the pool.

The pool will be also equipped with lights that will give the perfect ambiance at the night and make the building shine like a sparkling jewel.

However, one of the main questions the public have been asking since they saw the pool design is: How would the people get in or out of the pool?

This caused a chain of reactions on the internet and people started suggesting all kinds of ideas. However, the truth is that the pool can be accessed through a rotating spiral staircase, similar to the door of a submarine that would arise from the floor when someone wants to get in or out.

Compass Pools said that the stairs on the outside of the building were avoided just because they would spoil the view. The stairs would rise up from the corner and they are a tube in a tube. The first tube is to cut a path through the water and create an airlock, and the second is to deliver the staircase up to water level.

The top floors of the building will be a five-star hotel, luxury retail, flats as well as a spa. Unfortunately, the pool would only be available to residents and guests of the hotel and spa.

The building is set to start the construction in 2020 so if you want to swim on top of a skyscraper, you would have to wait a couple of more years or go to Singapore instead. Still, going to London in 2019 is still a great trip, specially if you are into sports and you fancy the way the NFL lines move.

Wembley and Tottenham stadiums will host competitive NFL matches during October, so visit the England capital and enjoy the views and architectural landscapes that the city has to offer.

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Location: London, England, UK

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