Bloomingdale’s Store in Kuwait City, 360 Mall Shopping, Al Zahra Retail Building

Bloomingdale’s Store in Kuwait City

Famous US department store in the Middle East: 360 Mall in Al Zahra

May 22, 2017

Bloomingdale’s Store Kuwait City News

Lighting design: Nulty+e

Linea Light Group for the Bloomingdale’s store in Kuwait City

Bloomingdale’s, the famous US department store, embraces the Middle East and opens its doors to customers in Kuwait City with a new stunning luxury emporium. Inaugurated in March 2017, the three-storey building covering 8,600 square metres has large display areas and shops belonging to renowned fashion, beauty and design brands.

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The illumination design, overseen by the English lighting design practice Nulty+, spectacularly reinforces the architectural design and together they give life to a fragrance theatre and customized lounges, where the light acts as guide during the shopping experience. The flexible lighting system is clean yet bold and complements the shapes and materials of the items on display, creating a prominent contrast between the actual merchandise and the surrounding areas.

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Knowing how to light the selling space and the displayed products correctly becomes essential in terms of the time customers stay to look around and has a real effect on the success of sales. For best results, lighting solutions have been used that are made by Linea Light Group – a business that puts all its energies into technological research and refining new ideas designed to meet the many requirements of the retail world.

The recessed profile Creek is a structure without an external rim, offering real flexibility. Placed within sections recessed into the ceiling, Creek is the ideal partner for all retailers who want to create an atmosphere in keeping with their visual merchandising concept, using an instrument that offers application freedom and blends in discretely with the surroundings. Edith custom, a modular surface-mount light installed in the suspended ceiling has a topLED source and diffusor in opaline PMMA, which ensure excellent light levels with relatively low consumption.

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Last but not least, the Ice-Cut strip just 10 mm thick features a perfectly uniform emission. The fixture was designed to have the cable outlet on the lower side so that continuous, end-to-end lines of light can be created to interact with the surrounding space. Installed within the edges of the shelving units, it emphasizes the shapes with its effect lighting.

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