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Memorial of Kazakhstan in Astana

National Experimental Monument Development – design by Maciej Jakub Zawadzki

12 Oct 2017

National Memorial of Kazakhstan in Astana

Architect: Maciej Jakub Zawadzki

Location: Astana, Kazakhstan

The Memorial Complex Project in Astana, Kazakhstan

Memorial of Kazakhstan in Astana

Limited international architectural and urban planning competition

The main source of inspiration for the design of this symbolic national memorial to commemorate Kazakhstan were not politics or man-made modern structures. Instead, it would serve as a focus for highlighting the unique natural beauty of the country with its spectacular landscapes which are nowhere else to be found in the World and as place of belonging for the local and outside people.

Memorial of Kazakhstan in Astana

The design of the memorial complex was influenced by the region’s exceptional natural phenomena like the Lake Kaindy’s Sunken Forrest which was naturally created by an earthquake ,the Charyn Canyon almost the size of it’s American counterpart but here covered with snow or the naturally carved in stone Ak-Mosque with a grotto height of 30m on a 254 m length. In combination with the unique culture and traditions of multinational people they would be the demonstration of the main wealth of Kazakhstan and would have the power to be the symbol of the country on a global scale.

Positioned in the highly visually exposed Eastern side of the island and project location directly facing the Ishim river, it would open towards the vast empty river ambient creating a connection between the man accessible area and the surrounding natural environment.

Memorial of Kazakhstan in Astana

With a strong simple gesture based on creating a mirror clad lifted surface it would have a big visual impact attracting visitors already from a distance both from the city and the distant river areas. The intriguing and impressive in the environment form would compliment in a harmonic manner the natural heritage of the heart of Eurasia by referencing in it’s shape the tectonics of Charyn Canyon generated using the outlines of the map of Kazakhstan.

Memorial of Kazakhstan in Astana

The identity of the design is deeply rooted in the origin of nomadic lifestyle and the main assumptions of tengristic beliefs. From the majestic nature, it’s relation with people and historical heritage, to the 10 year-long development of Astana.

The Memorial complex will not be a radical superposition of new foreign imported elements but an enhancement and holistic showcase of the qualities that are already present in the landscape of Kazakhstan. Rather than imposing a new identity on the complex the design proposes to grow it out of the context, with an architecture that as a result offers a fresh take on an ancient wisdom revisiting the classic elements of nomadic settlements.

Memorial of Kazakhstan in Astana

A project of special significance, distinctive ideologically, historically and culturally tied to the traditions of it’s people. With the main aim of taking the Astana experience and condensing it into an interesting form with unique solutions that are both functional, experimental and at the same time rational and artistic.

Next to the Expo facilities and other important iconic newly erected buildings which will already put Astana more on the map with it’s external exposure, the Memorial Complex would strengthen the importance not only as one of the symbols of the city but of the entire country which has the 9th biggest area in the world.

Memorial of Kazakhstan in Astana

To celebrate this, it’s project proposal would be a commemoration of size & distances present in one of the most common elements of the local landscape – the steppe whose original spatial qualities and free space in open areas are found more impressive and normal for the Kazakh mindset then the type of congestion present in many other cities in the World.

The site would be therefore used to the maximum functional limits to cover it with a visible very spatial design which is large but not forcing too much to stand out with vanity heights, thus adding important value to Astana and Kazakhstan, just like the Eiffel tower in Paris in France or Jefferson Memorial in Washington, USA which are modest icons that don’t scream for attention. Internally it would be a statement for Kazakh citizens of the strength of the main ideas of sovereign statehood which everyone creates and is part of.

Memorial of Kazakhstan in Astana

The project proposal would value the importance of public spaces and accessibility in the area. The Memorial Complex would be opened from every side and available from the external paved walking surface surrounded by small bushes where various fence openings allow to always enter the complex.

By improving the conditions and comfort in the ambient of the Memorial Complex the proposal would promote walking in the project area as well during the winter season when due to the strong cold winds with snow people normally prefer to use the cars. To improve this kind of movement a pedestrian bridge would be created on the South side to connect the island’s boulevard directly with the city.

The project is not only about the looks – it is a modern environmental design focused on performance and resiliency which would be a recognizable example of how to erect future mega facilities not only locally but internationally. Positioned at the heart of the steppe with the air temperature range of over 40°C in the summer and minus 40°C in the winter, Astana is typical of an continental climate with big contrasts.

Memorial of Kazakhstan in Astana

The Memorial Complex design would be optimized towards the control of those extremes. In a low-tech way it would guarantee an improvement of conditions of an entire 36ha new district with an envelope performing like an efficient machine.

National Library in Astana – Building Information

Location: Astana, Kazakhstan
Type: Limited Invited Competition
Date: December 2016
Size: 36ha
Building Program: Memorial monument,Grand city square, City view terrace, Contemplation square, Tengrist Center, Museum of Modern Art, Community Center, Gastronomy Center, Arts and Crafts Center, City Info Center, Retail buildings with cafe and restaurant

Project Leader: Maciej Jakub Zawadzki
Team: Łukasz Wenclewski , Michał Polak, Daniele Govi, Jason O’Connor, Wei Lesley Yang, Geoffrey Pascal, Sylvana Repsi, Sebastiano Cutrupi
Client: Mayor of the City of Astana

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Location: Astana, Kazakhstan, Central Asia

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