House for A Son in Amman, Jordan Property

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House for A Son in Amman

Contemporary Home in Jordan, the Middle East – design by Maisam Architects & Engineers

26 Jan 2015

House for A Son in Amman, Jordan

Location: west of Amman, Jordan

Design: Maisam Architects & Engineers

New House in Amman – Jordan Home

On a 7,000 square meter site of rolling hills and serene landscapes to the west of Amman, sits the Maani Residence. As one of the capital’s highest peaks at around 1000m above sea level, the site affords breezy and moderate weather year round and overlooks views of Jordan’s picturesque terrain and the hills of Jerusalem.

House for A Son in Amman, Jordan

By adding a new layer to the existing family residence, the architecture explores the ability to form a new and detached node; an independent and private small house. Despite its compact area, the challenge is to create a space that embraces a culture of hospitality and gatherings that are elemental in daily routine.

House For A Son

The Arabian culture influencing this design is one where family ties and where the youth are expected to excel, further the family name and give back to their families and societies. It is most common that parents expand on their homes to include private areas for their children. The residents, the Maani family, want independent spaces for their children on the same site as that of the family home starting with their eldest son. As such the architectural approach looks to provide a private yet integrated space that values self-actualization while maintaining a connection with the family.

House For A Son

The concept of the house is to bridge and connect the family with the son and the surrounding nature with its occupant. Tucked within the landscape the son’s house fits between the clusters of oak trees and rocks, minimizing the building’s visual and physical impact on its surrounding. The architecture responds to the site, maintaining the existing land formation and nesting the structure within the landscape. The architecture is therefore sensitive in both design and execution.

House For A Son

The choice of materials: stone, wood and glass blend with the surrounding nature. The stone provides a rigid statement while the wood accents the atmosphere with warmth. The glass façade celebrates the landscape’s seasonal hues, reflecting them from the outside and showcasing them from the inside.

House For A Son

“Behind the front doors, we are our true selves”. The house reflects the client’s personality, lifestyle and accommodates his true identity and day to day activities. The minimal architectural design responds and belongs to an era where time, space and flexibility are of much value.

House For A Son

House for A Son in Amman – Building Information

Architect: Maisam Architects & Engineers
Project name: A House for A Son
Client: Kheir Eddin Ma’ani
Project team: Meisa Batayneh, Rita Rawashdeh, Hazem Nimri
Built up Area: 120 sqm
Project Year: 2012

Shortlisted in the category of Residential Building of the Year, LEAF Awards, 2014
Five Stars, Best Single Residence, Jordan, Arabian Property Awards, 2012

House for A Son in Amman images / information from Maisam Architects & Engineers

Location: Amman, Jordan ‘

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