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Fusionner 2.0 Exhibition

Japanese Paper Interior Event: DSA – Design Space Association – by Kotaro Horiuchi, architect

4 Aug 2014

Fusionner 2.0 Exhibition in Nagoya city

Design: Kotaro Horiuchi

Location: KHA – Kotaro Horiuchi Architecture, Marunouchi, Nagoya city, Aichi district, Japan

Fusionner 2.0 Exhibition

From the 20th to the 30th of March 2014, DSA – Design Space Association – with the cooperation of the Gallery White Cube, presented the exhibition of Kotaro Horiuchi’s project: “Fusionner 1.0 + 2.0”.

Fusionner 2.0 Exhibition: Kotaro Horiuchi Paper Cave

The exhibition took place at KHA – Kotaro Horiuchi Architecture – located in Marunouchi, Nagoya city, Aichi district in Japan. With the 24th, 25th, 26th of March closed, we welcomed around 730 people during a session of 8 days. Thank you.

Paper Cave

Out of those sessions, it is possible de see permanent exhibit in saloon, lounge, meeting space and working area in the office.

Paper Cave

« Fusionner » comes from a French word meaning « to merge ». The architecture merge in the town just like renovations merge into inside space. Everything happens without imposing in the place. The most important thing is the inside of those places, the content with someone, or should we say, a group of people who will be actors of the activities that will take place in that space. To emphasise on those activities, the existence of architectural place or a place, which evolve smoothly, is necessary.

Paper cave
Being wrapped up in a soft white light. The moment you set a foot, the time slows down. There is a three-dimensional curved surface cave made by papers hanged side-by-side. The holes on the facade let the comforting light comes inside.

A table made of artificial marble, drawn by height variations form a free curved surface and seems to float. Thanks to the holes depth, we adjusted the light transmittance to five levels. Table stand also create a unique place by creating smooth curved surface.
It’s a place were people gather, discuss, it could be used as an office, a saloon, a meeting place, a lounge or a bar. The use of the place will depend on the people who will use it as far as it does not have a specific function.

Architect Artistic Director Master of Architecture / Urban Design Lecturer at Graduate school of Sugiyama Jogakuen Woman’s University President at KHA – Kotaro Horiuchi Architecture INC.

Fusionner 2.0 Exhibition – Exhibition Information

Exhibition Kotaro Horiuchi 2014 ”Fusionner2.0” – Paper cave
Award: Won the Golden Prize of DSA Design Award 2014 (Japan)
Selected for JCD International Design Award 2014 BEST100 (Japan)
Selected for the SDA Award 2014 (Japan)
Location: Nagoya, Aichi, Japan (KHA – Kotaro Horiuchi Architecture INC. )
Program: Office / Salon / Gallery
Surface: 100sqm
Completion date: 19th March 2014
Design: Kotaro Horiuchi / KHA – Kotaro Horiuchi Architecture INC.
Chihiro Fujii / KHA – Kotaro Horiuchi Architecture INC. O.D. / Nagoya University
Construction: Actis INC. + KHA – Kotaro Horiuchi Architecture INC. + Nagoya University 15 students

Photo: Issei Mori / Mitsuru Narihara
Video: Jiro Fujiwara

Fusionner 2.0 Exhibition images / information from Kotaro Horiuchi

Location: Nagoya, Aichi, Japan, East Asia

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