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Atelier Shigou, Japan : Architecture in Toyota

Toyota Gallery and Meeting Room – design by Tomoaki Uno

28 Nov 2012

Atelier Shigou

Design: Tomoaki Uno

Lovcation: Toyota, Japan

Atelier Shigou Atelier Shigou Toyota Atelier Shigou Toyota Toyota Building Architecture in Toyota
photos : Tomoaki Uno

This is for the private cram school located in Toyota city, as a home to Toyota. It is to be used sometimes as a gallery or a meeting room. Structurally, the building consists of some cedar plates which are arranged at intervals of 30 cm. Sunshine from the highest point between the plates of the cedar is a duet with nature and architecture, also is an important element that connects the inside and outside. The light is the light of the treasure every encounter, for it will never recur. The light sticks out of indoor space like the arrow, and shoots a divine shine at time.

Atelier Shigou Atelier Shigou Toyota Atelier Shigou Toyota Atelier Shigou Toyota Building in Toyota
photos : Tomoaki Uno

Atelier Shigou – Building Information

Name of the project: Atelier Shigou
Architect: Tomoaki Uno
Location: Toyota, Japan
Use: Private atelier
Building area: 60.00sqm
Gross area: 160.47 sqm
Building scale: 1 storey + loft
Structure system: timber
Period of design: May 2011 – Aug 2011
Period of construction: Sep 2011 – Jan 2012

Photographs: Tomoaki Uno

Atelier Shigou images / information from Tomoaki Uno

Location: Toyota, Japan, East Asia

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