Blackboard Classroom in Ishikawa by Kelun

Blackboard classroom in Ishikawa Japan, New Japanese School Development, Architecture

Blackboard classroom in Ishikawa

New Japanese Contemporary University Property – design by KELUN, architects

19 Oct 2017

Blackboard classroom in Ishikawa, Japan

Design: KELUN

Location: Ishikawa, Chūbu region, Honshū island, Japan

Contemporary University Classroom in Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan

Blackboard classroom in Ishikawa

This project is renovation of Japanese university classroom.

Blackboard classroom in Ishikawa

The existing classroom is a large classroom where 100 people in a space of length 16.8 m × width 10.5 m can study, a place many students use.

Blackboard classroom in Ishikawa

The architects inserted a “blackboard wall” shaped like an egg into an existing classroom.

Blackboard classroom in Ishikawa

Just paint the walls of the blackboard and provide a palette of beautiful colors.

Blackboard classroom in Ishikawa

Blackboard classroom in Ishikawa

The renovation is achieved with simple operation.

Blackboard classroom in Ishikawa

The older ones increased their presence by contrasting with the new ones.

Blackboard classroom in Ishikawa

The newly added design makes you feel more fresh.

Blackboard classroom in Ishikawa

It is a project thought with a free idea.

Blackboard classroom in Ishikawa

University Classroom in Ishikawa – Building Information

Project Name: Blackboard classroom
Architect Office: KELUN
Designer: Yasuhito Inamori
Location: Ishikawa, Japan
Area: 176.40m2

Photographs: Yasuhito Inamori

New University Classroom in Ishikawa images / information from KELUN

Website: New School Classroom in Ishikawa Prefecture

Location: Ishikawa, Japan, East Asia

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