Observation tower on Armon Hanatziv walkway, Jerusalem Building, Israeli Design Contest

Observation Tower Jerusalem : Armon Hanatziv Walkway

Jabotinsky Street Building in Israel design by Nir Ben Natan Architect

20 Aug 2012

Observation tower on “Armon Hanatziv” walkway in Jerusalem

Location: Jabotinsky St, Jerusalem

Design: Nir Ben Natan Architect

In 2007, a design contest was held, sponsored by the magazine “Architecture of Israel”, for design a tourist attraction in Jerusalem. The design by Nir Ben Natan Architect made it to the finals. After the contest ended, the entrepreneur ordered the continuation of the design from his office. That later design has never officially appeared until now on e-architect.

Observation tower on “Armon Hanatziv” walkway in Jerusalem

The project’s concept: Jerusalem is the only city in the world, which constitutes a focal point for belief and a theological center for the three monotheistic religions – Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Observation Tower Jerusalem Observation Tower Israel Armon Hanatziv Walkway Building Armon Hanatziv Walkway Jerusalem
images from architects

With that in mind, the structure design appeals to the sentiments of tourist believers of the three religions. At the backbone of the design stands the idea that Jerusalem manifests the connecting and uniting elements among religions, Jerusalem as a synergetic source for them altogether.

The observation tower is planned as spiral set of 3 arms, which symbolize the different religions. Representing the 3 religions, each of the arms turns to a different direction, but as a spiral, all of them originate from the same place in space and encircle one axis which connects them all.

At nights, a light beam is going to be projected from the center of the building towards the sky. This light beam will be a dramatic landmark and tangible expression of the idea generating the whole project – Monotheistic belief as a common ground, which, therefore, has the quality to unite different people, communities and religions in the holy city and in the Middle East.

The arms of the tower will house a visitors’ capsule, fire staircase and technical systems.
Radial observation floor is designed to provide a panoramic view of Jerusalem and its surroundings.

Observation Tower Jerusalem images / information from Nir Ben Natan Architect

Location: Armon Hanatziv walkway, Jerusalem, Israel, Middle East

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