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Bricks on The Move in Tehran

19 Jan 2022

Design: Ákaran Architects

Location: Tehran, Iran

Bricks on The Move Tehran

Photos by Parham Taghioff

A stack of four cubes, Zomorrod 11 stands firmly at the heart of a traffic junction in Tehran. The design has incorporated the use of geometric brick pattern modules following a strategy by which the exterior façade of the building stretches inside and forms many elements of the interior; from the lowest parking level at -5 through to the top.

Bricks on The Move Tehran Building

Bricks on The Move, Tehran Building Design

The one-way street it overlooks on the south elevation connects two of Tehran’s main north-south arteries, therefore the nature of the site’s impact on the passer-by is affected by speed and haste. The Architecture has aimed for the drivers and pedestrians to pause, even in passing, and perhaps reminisce through a modern structure with ties to the culture’s past.

Bricks on The Move Tehran Bricks on The Move Tehran Building

In line with this aspiration, the building is rather still from street level, where all the rushing takes place up to the 3rd floor; which is also the height of the neighbouring buildings. Up to that point, the brick modules are static, which also limits views towards the neighbouring sites.

From the third floor to the 6th level, these modules become mobile as it rises higher and distances from the freneticism of the enveloping streets, with views opening up to the mountains and the city scape. Bricks screwed together, framed, and moving on rails along the glazed elevation of the building help the architecture to improvise an impression of the speedy surroundings of the street scape, while also expanding views towards the city from the inside.

Bricks on The Move Tehran

The mobile brick panels not only provide an ever-changing image of the building on the outside, but they also enable the user to control the amount of sunlight that flows into the office spaces. Each panel weighs around 1000 kg and, nevertheless, is very easy to push along the rails fitted into the flooring. The mobile modules are designed and engineered to make them as lightweight as possible, using custom made hollow bricks screwed together.

Bricks on The Move Tehran Bricks on The Move Tehran

Bricks on The Move Building in Tehran, Iran – Building Information

Design: Ákaran Architects
Project Name: Bricks on The move

Gross Built Area (m2/ ft2): 10,400 sqm
Completion Year: 2020
Lead Architects: Moeen Afzalkhani, Zahra Azizi
Client: Golshirazi Charitable organization
Design Team: Ali Frughi, Mohammad Arefian, Hanna Mobaraki, Reza Ghorashi

Bricks on The Move Tehran Building

About Ákaran Architects
Aspiring to create curious and interesting, yet highly functional spaces, Ákaran Architects was founded by Moeen Afzalkhani and Zahra Azizi in 2010. Our work strategy is that it is not a signature style in architecture that matters; rather, it is the essence of the created space and the continuation of an intriguing spatial dialogue with the environmental, political, social, and cultural context.

The Architecture, curiously responsive, is lined with the appropriate engineering collaborative every step of the way to ensure articulate buildings which can easily be read and understood, while maintaining beauty and immaculate craftsmanship.

Bricks on The Move Tehran Building Bricks on The Move Tehran Building

Photography: Parham Taghioff

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Location: Tehran, Iran

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