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Vaibhav Jewellers, Seemandhra

Retail Building and Interior in Kakinada: Indian Shop design by Lewis & Hickey

16 Oct 2016

Vaibhav Jewellers in Seemandhra

New Shop in Kakinada, Seemandhra

Design: Lewis & Hickey, Architects

Vaibhav Jewellers Seemandhra

The new retail proposition and brand culture was created to address operational requirements and the future ambitions of the business. The design offers a distinctive and forward moving store format that is relevant in a competitive retail landscape and addresses the shopping behaviour of its customers.

Vaibhav Jewellers Seemandhra

The practical and easily maintained design approach supports the required high service level and with a goal to stimulate sales and take the business into new territories the solution projects a strong, differentiated brand culture that enhances the product offering.

Vaibhav Jewellers Seemandhra

A store is segmented by product categories that match customer expectation and behaviour. Mass market products are located on the lower floors moving up into luxury and bridal. Access to the more exclusive upper levels is reduced to maintain their prestige.

Vaibhav Jewellers Seemandhra

Bespoke and robustly engineered units with enhanced detailing provide a variety of display heights and secure storage (reducing the need for stock-holding vaults). Sustainable lighting is used to create innovative, multiple level lighting effects with varying colour temperatures highlighting feature products. The use of light & shade also draws attention to the designs quality and provides additional sensory appeal. Merchandising displays throughout the store enhance price points along a controlled customer journey.

Vaibhav Jewellers Seemandhra

The store exterior is designed to stand-out in the retail landscape and uses glazed facades, lighting and exceptional window displays.

Vaibhav Jewellers Seemandhra

Vaibhav Jewellers – Building Information

Architects: Lewis & Hickey
Design Team: Aaliya Khan, Darshini Thanawala, Rajkumar Sonavane, Trevor Murray and Brijesh Kanabar
Project: Vaibhav Jewellers (Pilot Store)
Client: Vaibhav Empire, Vishakhapatnam
Location: Kakinada, Seemandhra, India
Date: 2013-14

Vaibhav Jewellers Seemandhra

Design Brief:
Design to appeal directly to the key audience, understand how they shop and stimulate their natural buying behaviour.
Store should provide an environment that can support and deliver the desired level of service.
Develop merchandising techniques that support the price point of the product.
Layout should tell product stories that aim to build customer affinity.
Add drama to the customer journey, with changes of pace and key focal points.
Develop a design language that Vaibhav can own and extend the brand into new territories.
To provide a design solution that is practical, robust, and easily maintained.

Vaibhav Jewellers Seemandhra

Vaibhav Jewellers images / information from Lewis & Hickey

Vaibhav Jewellers Shop in Seemandhra design – Lewis & Hickey Architects

Location: Kakinada, Seemandhra, India

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