Temple of Fabric, Hong Kong Exhibition

Temple of Fabric, The Mills, Hong Kong Exhibition, HK Architecture Installation Images

Temple of Fabric in The Mills, Hong Kong

26 Jan 2021

Exhibition Design: Napp Studio & Architects

Location: The Mills, Hong Kong, China

Temple of Fabric, Hong Kong

Temple of Fabric HK

Temple of Fabric Exhibition

While yarns are weaved into fabric and knitted into garments that protect our bodies, building materials (e.g. wood, bricks, steel etc.) are put together as architecture, keeping us from the weather and in warmth.

Temple of Fabric HK

The awarded projects of this year’s HKIA Annual Awards are the indispensable components, the ‘yarns’ or ‘bricks’, that form the foundation and bedrock of Hong Kong Architecture, encouraging peers to keep up with the standard of excellence in generating our city fabric.

Temple of Fabric HK

To strike a symbolic analogy, we used the content of the awarded projects as the ‘materials’ to construct the exhibition space. A series of ribbon profiles are used to create a myriad of roofscapes through a gradual transformation from the first ribbon minimally depicting the origin of architecture – ‘The Hut’, to finally a ‘Temple’, and ultimately compiling into a full cityscape.

Temple of Fabric HK Temple of Fabric HK

The entire exhibition is created using ‘Tyvek’, a fabric of innovation and versatility; the synthetic material acts as a medium to introduce this year’s winning buildings to the public. Tyvek is a flashspun, highly-dense polyethylene synthetic fibre. Not only is it commonly used to protect buildings during construction as it has very good water-proofing properties, the story of its discovery began when a researcher working at the DuPont textile lab by chance noticed some white fluff coming out of a pipe.

Temple of Fabric HK Temple of Fabric HK

As technology improved, the fluff was spun at high speeds, and ultimately created a durable and sustainable fabric. Such echoes a spirit of experimentation and innovation that is essential for architecture and design. Strong against tear but can easily be tailored for design, Tyvek fabric also symbolizes the determination and adaptability of the architecture profession, resonating the qualities found in all of our finalist projects.

Temple of Fabric HK Temple of Fabric HK

Project content (text, photos, drawings) is printed onto Tyvek that is directly hung and draped from the ceiling truss.

Temple of Fabric HK

The space is exaggerated and amplified by the false perspective created by the stepping drapes, together with the gentle transparency of the fabric, forms a beautiful photogenic spot for event highlights, while at the same time creating a warm and embracing atmosphere for visitors to learn and understand more about this widely adaptable and innovative fabric that is actually extensively present in architecture, as well as in our daily lives.

Temple of Fabric HK

Not only can fabric be made into garments, it can also be used to create space. Textiles, not only form a critical part of the Mills’ history; but also shares a deep connection with architecture.

Temple of Fabric HK

Temple of Fabric HK

Temple of Fabric in Hong Kong, China – Building Information

Exhibition Design: Napp Studio & Architects
Graphic Design: Offscreen
Contractor: Hattrick Creative
Client: Hong Kong Institute of Architects
Location: The Mills, Hong Kong
Date: November 2020

Temple of Fabric HK

Photographer: Jimmy HO Tsz-Wai

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Location: Hong Kong, Eastern Asia

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