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Dreamscape in Kowloon

3 Jul 2022

Design: NC Design & Architecture Limited

Location: Kowloon, HK

Dreamscape Kowloon HK Art Installation

Photos: HDP Photography

Dreamscape, Hong Kong

Dreamscape, the title of our first public outdoor art installation, is a portmanteau word, blending and combining ‘dream’ and ‘escape’ to encapsulate our commitment to design a pause for busy, stressed minds by moving visitors from reality into ambiguity.

Dreamscape Kowloon Art Installation Dreamscape Kowloon Art Installation

NC Design & Architecture Limited’s dome-shaped, extra-terrestrial “space ship” regularly disperses mist from the communal garden of Hong Kong’s iconic K11 MUSEA shopping mall.

Dreamscape Kowloon HK Art Installation Dreamscape Kowloon HK

From afar, its illuminated white shell emerges from a billowing cloud, tempting shoppers, office workers, hotel guests and neighbours to engage in a relaxing urban misty moment – to take photographs and enjoy an adventure in another world.

Dreamscape Kowloon HK Dreamscape Kowloon HK

Up close, Dreamscape is a voluptuous sculptural form that appears to float above the K11 MUSEA Bohemian Garden. Three arches are anchored onto six feet that touch the ground lightly, emphasising an ephemeral shared experience as 3 visitors could enter together each time.

Dreamscape Kowloon HK Art Installation Kowloon HK Art Installation

The 250 illuminated bubble lamps in Dreamscape are timed to evoke dreaming in a sleeping cloud, and the mirrored surface at waist level conjures up a soothing, hypnotic sensation of being inside a sensual, surreal cloud.

HK Art Installation Kowloon Art Installation

We hope our playful multi-sensory sculptural design will make visitors dream in another dimension, and believe this is more important than ever with the current limits on international travel – we want people to imagine and dream the impossible. For us, Dreamscape represents a very modern, exciting utopia and freedom, available to all.

Dreamscape Kowloon Art Installation design

Dreamscape in Kowloon, Hong Kong – Building Information

Architects: NC Design & Architecture Limited – https://minusworkshop.co/

Project size: 50 ft2
Project Budget: 0.00
Completion date: 2022
Building levels: 1

Dreamscape Kowloon Art Installation

Photography: HDP Photography

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Location: Kowloon, China, eastern Asia

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