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53 Wellington Street Revitalization Design

Shop and Residential Building Restoration in Hong Kong design by 4N Design Architects

1 Dec 2015

53 Wellington Street Revitalization Design in Hong Kong

Design: 4N Design Architects

Location: 53 Wellington Street, Hong Kong

53 Wellington Street Hong Kong Revitalization Design by 4N

Built in the post-war colonial era of British Hong Kong, in the 1950s to 60s, array of modestly designed and built commercial and residential buildings were built along this busy street of Central Hong Kong.

53 Wellington Street

Central Hong Kong has always been the central hub of business and political power in Hong Kong.

53 Wellington Street

Buildings in those era were built to house shops on ground floor and mezzanine floor, while above those are residence quarters.

53 Wellington Street

Around 50 years from the time it was built, in the modern era of post-handover time of Hong Kong. 4N design architects has got this mission to bring it a new life in the contemporary world.

53 Wellington Street

The approach we took for this design exercise was firstly by researching the building history as well as the current context. The research found out that the building is situated in a context that is predominately commercial buildings.

53 Wellington Street

The strategy is to keep the minimal concrete-faced façade, opening up most of the concrete wall into openings, importantly is to add a new face to the building, just like putting a vein onto an old face. This veil is to be a commercial looking face for the building.

Materials and Colors
While protecting and preserving the old concrete structure, we were building a new aluminum façade in half-covering it. The louver system were designed with perforation to allow interesting sunshade as well as sunlight entering the building. Outer frame of the louver was made with wood-faced metal frame and a monolithic grey metal frame.

53 Wellington Street

Within the cavity of the façade system, new glass balustrade were installed, as well as optional area for hanging signage to be installed as needed, on the inner layer of the façade is foldable metal-framed glass door.

53 Wellington Street

The staircase was another key design feature in this design exercise where function as the key transitional space from outer to the indoor units. Again metal were used extensively on wall with wavy –cladded metal mesh to pair with the old balustrade and reclaimed timber railing. Along with light strips being installed in area to highlight the steps and space, the staircase was a whimsical space.

53 Wellington Street

53 Wellington Street Revitalization Design – Building Information

Project Name: 53 Wellington Street Revitalization Design
Project Type: Building Revitalization
Space Type/category: Commercial + Residential
Location/address: 53 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong
Design Team: Mr. Sinner Sin and Mr. Danny Ng of 4N Design Architects
Total Area: 5 stories ; total of 350 sqm
Completion Time Period: 2015

53 Wellington Street

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Location: 53 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong, Eastern Asia

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