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Key Contemporary Architectural Developments in the North Atlantic Region

page updated 10 May 2018
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Buildings in Greenland

We’ve selected what we feel are the key examples of Greenlandic Architecture. We aim to include Greenland Buildings that are interesting and of strong quality. The country is autonomous within the Kingdom of Denmark. e-architect cover completed Greenlandic buildings, new building designs, architectural exhibitions and competitions across Greenland. The focus is on contemporary Greenland buildings but information on traditional Greenlandic architecture is also welcome.

Latest Greenland Building Designs

Architecture News – latest additions to this page, arranged chronologically:

Ilulissat Icefjord
Dorte Mandrup Architects
Icefjord Centre
image from architects
Ilulissat Icefjord by Dorte Mandrup Arkitekter – 22 Jun 2016
An Icefjord Centre in Ilulissat will attract tourists to Greenland and contribute to our understanding of climate change. The Danish architectural firm Dorte Mandrup Arkitekter has designed the visionary building for the centre with respect of the unique, UNESCO-protected natural surroundings.

Nuuk Correctional Facility Building
Design: schmidt hammer lassen architects with Friis & Moltke
Ny Anstalt in Nuuk
image from architects
Nuuk Correctional Facility Greenland – 20 May 2013
As part of a Danish design team, schmidt hammer lassen architects has won the competition to design the correctional facility Ny Anstalt in Nuuk, the capital of Greenland. The winning design for the 8,000 square metre facility was submitted by a team including Rambøll as full service contractor, architects Friis & Moltke and landscape architects Møller & Grønborg. Ny Anstalt is the first such facility in Greenland.

Greenland National Gallery of Art
BIG + TNT Nuuk + Ramboll Nuuk + Arkitekti
Greenland National Gallery of Art building design
image from BIG
Greenland National Gallery of Art
BIG + TNT Nuuk + Ramboll Nuuk + Arkitekti is the winning team to design the new National Gallery of Greenland in the country’s capital Nuuk, among invited proposals totaling 6 Nordic architects.
Located on a steep slope overlooking the most beautiful fjords in Greenland, the 3,000 sqm National Gallery will serve as a cultural and architectural icon for the people of Greenland. This new Greenland museum building will combine historical and contemporary art of the country in one dynamic institution. The winning design was selected by a unanimous museum board among 6 proposals.

Greenland Buildings

Katuaq – Grønlands Kulturhus, Nuuk
Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects
Katuaq Culture Centre building in Nuuk
photo : Joachim Ladefoged
Grønlands Kulturhus Nuuk

Another Greenlandic Building by Danish architects:

Queen Ingrid Hospital, Godthåb
C. F. Møller, Architects
Queen Ingrid Hospital Greenland building design
picture : C. F. Møller, Architects
Queen Ingrid Hospital Building
Greenland’s national hospital, the Queen Ingrid Hospital inaugurated a new health centre and national pharmacy – with a distinctive architecture inspired by the ice floes of Godthåbsfjord. C. F. Møller Architects is responsible for the building extension and for the general plan for the whole project.


Architecture in countries close to Greenland:

Faroe Islands Buildings

Faroe Islands Education Centre, Torshavn
BIG, in collaboration with Fuglark, Lemming & Eriksson, Sámal Johannesen, Martin E. Leo and KJ Elrad
Torshavn Building
image : BIG, architects
Faroe Islands Education Centre

Iceland Buildings

Iceland Buildings

Bifröst school building
Studio Granda
Bifröst school building
photograph : Magnus Gudnasson
Bifröst school building

Supreme Court building
Design: Studio Granda
Iceland Supreme Court building
photo : Sigurgeir Sigurjonsson
Icelandic building

Reykjavik University building
Henning Larsen Architects
Reykjavik University building
image from architects
Reykjavik University building

Country Architecture adjacent to Greenland

Norwegian Architecture

Canadian Architecture

Scottish Architecture

Faroe Islands Buildings

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