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Patrizia Headquarters, Germany : Augsburg Building

Patrizia Headquarters Augsburg Building, southwest Bavaria design by kadawittfeldarchitektur, Germany

12 May 2011

Design: kadawittfeldarchitektur, Aachen

Location: Augsburg, Bavaria, southern Germany

Patrizia Headquarters Augsburg Building
photo : Gerhard Hagen

Photographs by Angelo Kaunat + Gerhard Hagen

Patrizia Headquarters Augsburg


Extension of the headquarters and representation. Flexible offices, gastronomy, underground parking. Closing of the gap in the block closure, in compliance with prerequisite regulations.

Patrizia Headquarters Augsburg Building
Patrizia Headquarters Augsburg Patrizia Headquarters Augsburg
photos : Gerhard Hagen


The designs reacts to the “relief” façade of the neighbouring buildings with a double-skin façade, in which the in-between space expands from 0.5 m to 2 m, thus becoming useful space. With insulated glass on the exterior and sliding doors separating the interior offices, this “winter garden” becomes a place of relaxation or communication or a temporary work space. A new office typology is created with the possibility of an extension from two sides: the combination-zone on the access side and the winter garden zone on the façade side.

Patrizia Headquarters is located in the historic center of Augsburg. Its tilted glass creates a respectful distance bridging the gap between two landmark buildings: the existing headquarters from the 1960s and the Hong Kong House, which are both protected as historic sites. The horizontally positioned loggia-bands form a dynamic contrast to the 19th century building opposite. A tilted glass element ensures a respectful distance to existing substance.

Up to three independent office units, flexible in layout, are created on each floor; and by further staggering the facade’s arrangement, its elegant double-skin glass façade forms an interior space which is extended into an area similar to a winter garden. These loggias not only offer protection from noise pollution but also a form of natural ventilation for the office areas. Opening the floor-to-ceiling sliding doors creates temporary work space with a view of the theatre, Kennedyplatz and Fuggerstrasse.

Patrizia Headquarters Patrizia Headquarters Augsburg Patrizia Headquarters Augsburg
photos : Gerhard Hagen

On the ground floor, next to the foyer for PATRIZIA AG, there is a rental space for gastronomy, with access to the guests’ garden in the inner courtyard provided by opening glass doors. The respective entrances to the ground-floor zones and the rented-out areas on the upper floors are located in Fuggerstrasse and are clearly recognisable. The new entrance connects the arcades of the existing building, welcoming visitors through a light-flooded foyer with views onto the adjacent theatre. Storey-high windows offer views of the theatre opposite and the green inner courtyard.

The storey-wise partitioning prevents the reflection of sound from floor to floor that can be a problem with double-skin façades. The sunshade in the space between is highly effective and not exposed to the wind. The interim space works as a kind of climate buffer and can also be entered for cleaning purposes (width: 60–200 cm). The five-storey underground garage in split-level system is used by the public.

Maximum flexibility and autonomous office units: The standard floors of the building extension have a usable area of ca. 63 m length and ca. 14.5 m width. On each floor there are up to three autonomous office units with equivalent addresses. Their depth of ca. 14.5 m permits differentiated office concepts, from cellular to combi-design to group office or business club.

Patrizia Headquarters Patrizia Headquarters
photos : Angelo Kaunat

Patrizia Headquarters Augsburg – Building Information

Location: Augsburg, Bavaria, Germany
Architect: kadawittfeldarchitektur
Client: W. Egger represented by PATRIZIA Projektentwicklung GmbH
realisation : 2008-10, Wettbewerb 2007, 1. Preis
Construction Volume: BGF 5.950 m2, BRI 20.700 m3

Photographs: Angelo Kaunat, Salzburg | Gerhard Hagen, Bamberg

Patrizia Headquarters Augsburg Building images / information from kadawittfeldarchitektur


Location: Augsburg, Bavaria, southern Germany

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