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Forsthaus am See 4-Star Hotel in Feldafing

2 Feb 2022

Design: WSM Architekten

Location: Feldafing, Bayern, southern Germany

Forsthaus am See Bayern 4-Star Hotel

Images: WSM Architekten

Forsthaus am See, Bayern

A 4-star senior wellness and conference hotel is to be built on one of the most beautiful spots on Lake Starnberg and in the entire Oberland region, almost directly opposite the Roseninsel, which is famous beyond the region. Forsthaus am See will have additional gastronomy and beer garden areas are also to invite day guests to stay.

Forsthaus am See Bayern 4-Star Hotel

Forsthaus am See Bayern 4-Star Hotel

After a very wide-ranging design process, we ultimately decided on a thematic approach that picks up on the regional history: around the Rose Island there have been pile dwellings since 6000 BC, which were actually declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2011. Based on this, we developed an abstracted, modern pile-dwelling settlement staggered up the hillside.

Forsthaus am See Bayern 4-Star Hotel

A rigorous, thematically based material concept (dark natural materials), as well as the avoidance of large-scale forms, allows the building volumes of the complex to disappear as far as possible against the background of the forest-covered lateral moraine.

Forsthaus am See Bayern 4-Star Hotel

Above a base zone of greened Nagelfluh blocks rises a first row of wooden buildings, occupied with gastronomy for visitors during the day and for hotel guests. This first row provides a privacy barrier to the wellness and meeting areas behind it, and visually blends out the main hotel building.

Forsthaus am See Bayern 4-Star Hotel

Design: WSM Architekten –

Forsthaus am See Bayern 4-Star Hotel

Photography: WSM Architekten

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Location: Feldafing, Bayern, southern Germany, western Europe

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