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Batumi Aquarium & Aviary : Architecture in Georgia

Aquarium and Aviary building design by Zvi Hecker Architekt

22 Apr 2008

Location: Georgia

Date: 2008-

Architects: Zvi Hecker

Batumi Aquarium design, Georgia aviary
image courtesy of architects practice

Aquarium and Aviary Batumi

New Building in Batumi

The design is especially interesting for visitors in that it combines the Aquarium and the Aviary into one interconnected walkway of ramps and terraces. The visitor is exposed to a continuous experience of life in the oceans and rivers and an unobstructed view of the great variety of birds. The large aviary is enclosed by a metal mesh structure and it is possible to walk through this in order to inspect the birds more closely.

Batumi Aquarium design Batumi Aquarium building Batumi Aquarium Georgia

The design is an expression of the way the two primordial elements; water and air, brought about the chain of evolution on earth from fish to birds and finally to humans.
The combination of the two forms, the one transparent and the other solid, creates an architectural ensemble of simplicity and strength.

Batumi Aquarium Batumi Aquarium Batumi Aquarium

Aquarium and Aviary, Batumi, Georgia – Building Information

client: Cartu Group, Burj, ATU, Batumi, Georgia
architect: Zvi Hecker Architekt, Berlin
collaborators: Pedro Levi Bismark, Ingmar Faber, Paolo Fontana, Frederic Fourrichon, Ivana Gajic, Falk Heuer, Michele Martinetti, Justyna Mintus Pedro Kuo Passos, Vinod Rajput, Francesca Scalettaris, Krystyna Wnuk.
structural engineer: Pichler GmbH, Berlin, Germany
mechanical, electrical engineering: Bucharin associated engineers
landscape architects: Dzuqaschvili Landscape Architects
site area: c.a. 2,000 m2
building area: c.a. 4,000 m2
Construction period: 2007-09
content: The building includes an aquarium, an aviary, a restaurant, café, exhibition space and auditorium. The terrace-roofs of the aquarium overlook the aviary space, accessible by ramps.
construction and material: reinforced concrete, tensile structure, metal mesh.

Batumi Aquarium plan Batumi Aquarium plan Batumi Aquarium plan Batumi Aquarium plan

Aquarium & Aviary Batumi – images / information from Zvi Hecker Architects 220408

Batumi Aquarium & Aviary design : Zvi Hecker

Location: Batumi, Georgia, western Asia

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