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Languedoc-Roussillon Building Developments, southern France, Europe

post updated 16 May 2024

Montpellier Building News

Languedoc-Roussillon Architecture News

15 May 2024
Les Jardins de Verchant Apartments, Eureka district, Castelnau-le-Lez
Architecture: NBJ Architectes
Les Jardins de Verchant, Apartments Montpellier France
photo : Paul Kozlowski
Les Jardins de Verchant: Apartments, Montpellier

7 Jun 2021
Equation Office Building, Montpellier

15 Oct 2020
I Park Housing

1 June 2020
MON House and Brick Extension

24 Oct 2019
Belaroia Hotel and Apartments, Rue Jules Ferry, Montpellier, south France
Design: Manuelle Gautrand Architecture
Belaroia Hotel Apartments Montpellier
photo © Luc Boegly
Belaroia Hotel and Apartments in Montpellier
Belaroia Hotel and Apartments is an important project for the City of Montpellier and its development agency, the SERM, as it holds a strategic position between the city’s hyper-centre, characterised by its escutcheon form in plan, and new surrounding districts that have appeared in succession.

28 Jul 2017
Logements Lez in Art dans la ZAC Rive Gauche à Montpellier
Design: NBJ Architectes
Logements Lez in Art dans la ZAC Rive Gauche à Montpellier |
photograph ©
Logements Lez in Art dans la ZAC Rive Gauche à Montpellier
Dynamic new housing with articulate white facades dramatised by curling balcony elements.

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Sailing Cube – Pavilion du FAV 2014 à Montpellier
Design: Atelier Jérôme Lafond
Sailing Cube in La Grande Motte
photography © Paul KOZLOWSKI
Sailing Cube in La Grande Motte, Montpellier
The Festival des Architectures Vives aims to raise public awareness of the wide range of architecture. It seeks not only to highlight the work of a young generation of architects, landscape architects and urban planners but also to discover unexpected urban areas.

page updated 11 Sep 2016 with new photos ; 2 Feb 2015
Leonard De Vinci High School in Montpellier
Design: Hellin-Sebbag, architects
Leonard De Vinci High School
photograph : Benoit Wherlé
Leonard De Vinci High School in Montpellier
A new main reception building for this institution specialising in building trades.

20 Nov 2013
Cité du Corps Humain – architecture competition win
Design: BIG + A+Architecture + Egis + Base + L’Echo + Celsius Environnement + CCVH
Museum of the Human Body in Montpellier
image © BIG
Museum of the Human Body Montpellier
BIG + A+Architecture + Egis + Base + L’Echo + Celsius Environnement + CCVH have been announced winner of the international design competition for the new Cité du Corps Humain (Museum of the Human Body) in Montpellier. The museum’s roof functions as an ergonomic garden – a dynamic landscape of vegetal and mineral surfaces that allow the park’s visitors to explore and express their bodies in various ways – from contemplation to the performance – from relaxing to exercising – from the soothing to the challenging.

7 Oct 2013
Jean-Claude Carrière Theatre
Design: A+Architecture
Jean-Claude Carrière Theatre
photo © Marie-Caroline Lucat
Jean-Claude Carrière Theatre
The architects say this about their colourful new building, “The metaphor of Harlequin’s fabric is obvious, a character that is cherished by the Domaine of O. We redefined this theme to create a light and tangy color and texture. The wood panels cross each other and envelop the volume ; Wood structures the hall as well. Its declinsions avoid monotony, they vibrate and create several rythms and let the red box be seen when necessary”.

17 Jul 2013
Wooden Pavilion
Design: Robin Juzon
Architecture Pavilion Montpellier
photo : Paul Kozlowski
Wooden Pavilion Montpellier
The pavilion, of simple geometric shape, was achieved with the aid of wooden panels. With the massive and opaque origin, the panels are similar to thin sheets of wood embedded into each other. Thus, the pavilion proved sometimes transparent and sometimes opaque depending on the angle preferred by the visitor.

19 Feb 2013
Georges-Frêche School of Hotel Management
Architects: Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas
Georges-Frêche School of Hotel Management, Montpellier
photo © Moreno Maggi
Georges-Frêche School of Hotel Management Montpellier

14 Feb 2013
Boarding School of Excellence
Architects: atelierphilippemadec
Boarding School of Excellence Montpellier
photo © Pierre-Yves Brunaud
Boarding School of Excellence Montpellier
This building is based on an historical orthogonal structure and the trace of an ancient and diagonal plot – a boarding school of excellence offering to the children of difficult suburban cities the possibility of a protected scholarship.

8 Feb 2013
Campus of University Saint-Charles, Montpellier
Design: Hellin-Sebbag Architectes
Montpellier Apartments
photograph © Hellin-Sebbag, photo Benoît Wehrlé
Campus of University Saint-Charles
‘Transparency, light and ease of movement’
Conversion of a seventeenth-century hospital and listed building into a university with the modern functionality that a university requires. In a second phase, the Aile des Incurables, on the same site, will be converted into a Maison des Sciences de l’Homme and a department of archaeology.

13 + 12 Sep 2012
Pierrevives Montpellier
Design: Zaha Hadid Architects
Pierresvives Building
photo © Hélène Binet
Pierrevives Montpellier by Zaha Hadid
Pierresvives is situated in France’s eighth-largest and most dynamic city. It has been conceived as an innovative cultural offer, to meet the needs of the area’s significant economic growth and increasing population of over 1,000 inhabitants per month.

13 Sep 2012
Pierrevives Montpellier Building, France – new photos + building news
Design: Zaha Hadid Architects
Pierres Vives Building
photo : Iwan Baan
“If I named this building after a quote from one of the greatest authors of Humanism, it is because public investment is not only a response to the needs of the moment, in this instance re-housing the archives and multimedia library of Hérault, but also a vision for the future of public service and urban planning.”

Recent Montpellier Buildings

12 Mar 2012
La Grande Motte, south east of Montpellier
Design: N+B Architectes
La Grande Motte Building Montpellier
photograph : Paul Kozlowski
La Grande Motte Montpellier
La Grande Motte city, situated at the edge of the Mediterranean Sea, benefits from a soft and moderate climate. The project of construction of new offices for the technical services of the city of La Grande Motte takes place in a very widely afforested ground.

RBC Design Center
Design: Ateliers Jean Nouvel
RBC Design Center Montpellier
image © Ateliers Jean Nouvel
RBC Design Center Montpellier

Location: south of France

Languedoc-Roussillon région capital

Montpellier Buildings

Key Languedoc-Roussillon Architecture Projects, alphabetical:

Apartments in Montpellier, ZAC Port Marianne – Ilot F1
Du Besset-Lyon Architectes
Montpellier apartments
picture from architects
Montpellier apartments : Architecture Competition, 2003

Lironde Gardens
Atelier d’architecture Christian de Portzamparc
Montpellier Housing
building photo from architects
Montpellier Housing

Musée Fabre- redevelopment
Agence Brochet-Lajus-Pueyo, Bordeaux
Ateleier d’Architecture Emmanuel Nebout, Montpelier

Pierre Vives
Zaha Hadid Architects
Montpellier building
picture from architects
pierresvives Building Montpellier : Technical Information re this Zaha Hadid building

More Montpellier Buildings online soon

Location: Montpellier, southern France, Europe

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Languedoc-Roussillion building to the west of Montpellier:

Domaine des Vignes, Palhes
Architecture Republic
Palhes Building
picture from Architecture Republic
Languedoc-Roussillion building

Floating Clouds Montpellier
Floating Clouds Montpellier
image : MoNo
Montpellier Architecture Event

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French Architecture

Zenith Music Hall Strasbourg
Massimiliano Fuksas Architecture

Zenith Saint-Etienne Building
Foster + Partners

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