Olavinlinna Castle Canopy, Finland Building

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Olavinlinna Castle Canopy Building

Historic Building in Finland design by Ark-House Architects

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Olavinlinna Castle Building – Canopy

Canopy and auditorium at Olavinlinna Castle, Olavinlinna, Savonlinna, Finland

Design: ARK-house Architects / Markku Erholtz, Heikki Paakkinen

Olavinlinna Castle Finland historic building

Erik Axelsson Tott founded the castle of Olavinlinna in 1475, the first stage of the building being completed in 1496. Extensive restoration was carried out from 1959 to 1975.

Olavinlinna Castle Finland building

The canopy and auditorium were made for performances in the Savonlinna Opera Festival, which is held annually in July. They are dismantled after the festival and re-erected the next year.

Olavinlinna Castle Canopy, Finland ARK-house

The solution is based on a tensioned textile membrane, stretched from a framework of steel cables and rods. The canopy is supported on concrete walkway structures built in the 1940s and 1970s and strengthened later.

Olavinlinna Castle Finland Building by ARK-house

The castle’s historical structures have been left completely undisturbed. The covered area extends to about 1800 square metres, forming one of Europe’s largest unified textile canopies.

Olavinlinna Castle building Olavinlinna Castle space Olavinlinna Castle roof Auditorium

Olavinlinna Castle Canopy photos / information from Ark-house Architects Dec 2008

The Olavinlinna Castle Building design is by Ark-house Architects

Location: Olavinlinna, Savonlinna, Finland, northeast Europe

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Olavinlinna (Swedish: Olofsborg; literally Olaf’s Castle) is a 15th-century three-tower castle located in Savonlinna, Finland. It is the northernmost medieval stone fortress still standing. The castle is built on an island in the Kyrönsalmi strait that connects the lakes Haukivesi and Pihlajavesi.

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