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Maritime Centre Vellamo Finland

Vellamo Development – design by Architects Lahdelma & Mahlamäki in Finland

24 Jun 2009

Kotka Maritime Centre

Maritime Centre Vellamo, Kotka
Date built: 2009
Architects Lahdelma & Mahlamäki

Maritime Centre Vellamo
photograph : Timo Vesterinen

Maritime Centre Vellamo, Kotka

Vellamo: Beacon of the Cityscape
Kotka’s Maritime Centre Vellamo fulfils a visual as well as a strategical function within the cityscape. The figure of the Maritime Centre guides travellers from the heart of the city out to the north-eastern end of the City Terminal and into a harbour of culture.

Vellamo: A Maritime Vision
The title of the proposal to win first prize in the architectural competition to design the Maritime Centre was HYÖKY, ‘swell’. The abstract image of a large wave, a swell, which dominates the exterior of the building, and the façade, specially designed to capture the glint of the water, combine to create a physical representation of the sea.

Maritime Centre Vellamo Finland Kotka Maritime Centre Kotka Building
photographs : Jussi Tiainen

Vellamo: Proactive Cityscape
Situated at the end of the planned culture harbour, the roof of the Maritime Centre, forms a square which will play host to a wide array of different events. A walkway rising gently from the city centre and widening as it reaches the top of the building leads up to the rooftop square.

Vellamo: Functional Guides
The Maritime Centre is home to two permanent residents: the Maritime Museum of Finland and the Museum of Kymenlaakso. The elevated exhibition space housing the permanent collection, shared by both in-house museums, plays a key role in the Maritime Centre. Each museum’s exhibition tour can function independently or as part of a larger tour encompassing both exhibitions. A walkway forming both a visual and a physical link between the two museums’ exhibition spaces leads out of the shared foyer.

Vellamo: A Contemporary Structure
The Maritime Centre is primarily built around a column and beam system of reinforced concrete girders. The rooftop square, the covering over the fitted upper floor and the maintenance area is a combination of steel, glass and aluminium. The outer walls are constructed using a lightweight skeleton structure. Sheet-metal cassettes, painted in a variety of different shades, are the primary building material on the exterior of the building, to which a lattice made of aluminium and pressed-silk glass has been affixed.

Vellamo: Sustainability
The program of Vellamo is large, but the building itself is very compact to ensure the energy efficiency and sustainability aspects. The heated spaces are optimal in shape and the façade area has been minimised and oriented optimally. The HVAC installations are designed to ensure energy efficiency.

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Plan 2nd floor + Section
Kotka Maritime Centre Kotka Maritime Centre Building

Maritime Centre Vellamo Kotka – Building Information


Address: Tornatorintie 99, 48100 Kotka, Finland
Year of completion: 2008
Size: Floor area 14 601 m², Gross area 14 366 m² and Volume 118 039 m³
Client: City of Kotka
Project manager: ISS Proko Oy
User: The Museum of Kymenlaakso
The Maritime Museum of Finland


Architectural design: Architects Lahdelma & Mahlamäki
Author: Professor Ilmari Lahdelma, M.Sc (Archit.)
Principal in Charge Design phase: Juha Heino, M.Sc (Archit.)
Principal in Charge Building phase: Marko Santala, M.Sc (Archit.)
Collaborators: Tarja Suvisto, B.Sc (Archit.), Teemu Halme, M.Sc (Archit.), Minna Lahdelma, M.Sc (Archit.), Katri Rönkä, M.Sc (Archit.), Juho Vuolteenaho, M.Sc (Archit.), Jesperi Vara, M.Sc (Archit.), Risto Wikberg, Student of Interior Design
Anne Harju, Interior Designer, Leila Hyttinen, Technical Assistant

Interior design: Architects Lahdelma & Mahlamäki
Marjo Korolainen, M.Sc, (Archit.), Interior Designer
Liisa Viljakainen, Interior Designer
Exhibition design: Architects Lahdelma & Mahlamäki
/ The Maritime Museum of Finland: Timo Ripatti, Interior Designer
Mia Bungers, B.Sc (Archit.)
Exhibition design:
/ The Museum of Kymenlaakso: Demodesign Oy / Jyrki Vainio

Civil Engineering: Insinööritoimisto Magnus Malmberg Oy
Electrical Engineering: Insinööritoimisto Lausamo Oy
HVAC Engineering: Kontermo Oy


Main Contractor: Lemcon Oy
Electrical Contractor: LSK Electrics Oy
AC-Contractor: Are Oy
Plumbing Contractor: Putkihanke Oy

Location: Finland

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