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Algeria Infrastructure Summit : Algerian Development Event

Algeria Infrastructure Event

9 Jul 2012

The Algeria Infrastructure Summit

The Algeria Infrastructure Summit News

The Algeria Infrastructure Summit is the only infrastructure conference endorsed by the Ministry of Water Resources, and is gathering key regional stake holders in Algiers to discuss infrastructure developments and opportunities throughout the country.

Algeria Infrastructure Summit
image from Algeria Infrastructure Summit

This invitation-only initiative is connecting leading construction companies, real estate developers, architects, and project developers with up to 100 project holders from Algeria. The two days are purely focused on generating business and enhancing Algerian infrastructure.

Why attend?

Unlike exhibitions and expos, the Algeria Infrastructure Summit allows you to network and do business with pre-screened project holders in a business-focused environment.

Algeria Infrastructure Summit
image from Algerian infrastructure conference organisers

This means you:

• Meet and network with public sector Algerian project holders.
• Discover the latest projects and trends in Algeria’s infrastructure, real estate and investment industries.
• Learn about the five-year plan in detail and gain insight into the country’s booming infrastructure market.
• Get access to keynotes and panel discussions delivered by leading Government authorities.

Algeria Infrastructure Summit
image from infrastructure conference organisers

Event highlights

Meet high ranking Government officials

The summit is hosting high-ranking Government officials from a variety of ministries and municipalities, including the Ministry of Public Works, Ministry of Housing and Urban Development, and Ministry of Transport. By attending you meet the influential individuals responsible for approving budgets and tenders for the Government’s five-year infrastructure plan.

Profit from Algeria’s US$ 286 billion master plan

The 2010-2014 five-year plan is worth US$ 286 billion. US$ 156 billion will be invested in new projects, including infrastructure for public works, health and transport – as well as US$ 2 million on new housing units. The remaining US$ 130 billion will be spent on existing rail, road and water projects. By attending you can capitalise on this prolific spending in a tailored environment.

Connect with pre-qualified project owners

Project holders are pre-qualified to ensure you can make educated decisions when selecting your potential business partners. All attendees have confirmed that they:

• Are part of the US$ 286 billion investment plan
• Have a project worth at least US$ 50 million
• Have a project with a tender deadline between 2012 and 2014

Algeria Infrastructure Summit
image from Algeria Infrastructure Summit

Private one-to-one business meetings

Arranged with pre-qualified buyers, all your meetings take place in a private, five-star business environment. To maximise productive networking opportunities, you also have access to business lunches, coffee breaks and interactive discussions designed to create deal flow.

Interactive panel discussions

You have the chance to lead a panel discussion with infrastructure experts from the Algerian Government. This allows you to showcase your expertise and solutions to the entire audience for up to an hour. You also find out first-hand information about all the country’s projects to be tendered in the next two years.

Algeria Infrastructure Summit
image from Algeria Infrastructure Summit

Keynote presentations

By delivering a keynote presentation on your area of expertise, you become recognised as an industry leader and can promote your organisation’s previous success stories and credentials to a targeted audience.


Increase your organisation’s visibility and showcase your products and services to key stakeholders and influencers during the Algeria Infrastructure Summit exhibition.

Algeria Infrastructure Summit
image from Algeria Infrastructure Summit

Tell us who you want to meet

You can provide us with a ‘wish list’ of contacts that you would like to meet at the summit. If they meet the pre-qualification criteria, our team then contact and invite them either confidentially or on your behalf.

Location: Algeria, North Africa

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