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6 Mar 2009

Site Analysis Tool

FIND, the UK’s most advanced site analysis tool launches

The UK’s most advanced site analysis tool has been launched. Initially aimed at professionals in the property world, FIND offers a single source of planning and environmental information alongside the most detailed coloured maps available.

FIND provides users with access to information from a wide range of sources including English Heritage, English Nature, Environment Agency and local authorities, saving huge amounts of research time. Within a few clicks, information on listed buildings and conservation areas, flooding risk and much more can be gathered for any site in the UK.

The pay-as-you-go tool which requires no registration, subscription or repeat charges, allows users to access maps for as little as £1, while information on listed buildings and built heritage is free. FIND users simply pay for the information they require as necessary.

Information available on FIND includes:

· FIND Map – Detailed maps, adapted by FIND from Ordnance Survey’s MasterMap series, with a carefully developed colour coding system, make property-related and geographical features easily identifiable. Site areas can be measured quickly and simply, providing rapid assessment of development potential. Maps can be downloaded, allowing users to add their own annotations, graphics and logos.

· Data packages – Data has been categorised by key areas of interest, including planning, environmental and flooding packages. Unlike other products, information is displayed graphically over the map, enabling key issues to be identified instantly. Data is provided in layers which can be simultaneously turned on and off, providing a useful and flexible tool for analysis and presentations.

· Aerial photography – FIND offers Ultra View, Modern and Historical aerial photography packages, all of which are available for instant download. FIND’s Ultra View imagery is among the most detailed plan photography for the central London area, giving an unprecedented level of detail and clarity, allowing users to see and fully understand a site’s location without leaving their desks.

· Reports – FIND offers GroundSure reports relevant to all aspects of the property and environmental sectors, including commercial, residential and the environmental reports.

While FIND currently contains more information than any other UK mapping site, users can expect even more to come as further services and information layers are released over the next few months. Feedback is actively encouraged from clients on additional features they would like to see included in future versions.

FIND is the creation of a surveying company that recognised that the sophisticated GIS system that had been developed in-house had huge commercial potential. FIND’s Development Director Mariam Crichton has been involved in FIND since its inception and is excited about the tool’s potential explaining that it offers something entirely new to the property and construction world: “Clients are telling us it will completely change the way they work. We are making information that was previously inaccessible, accessible.”

FIND’s Managing Director, Steve Walsh believes the product has huge commercial potential and is launching at an ideal time: “In today’s difficult market, property and design professionals can afford to spend even less of their time on laborious research. The economic environment demands quick, cost-effective solutions and this is what FIND delivers. With no annual or monthly subscription required, users only pay for the information they need.”

Please visit: and for a first hand view of how FIND works please try the guided site demo


English Houses

English Architect

Swiss Re Building – 30 St Mary’s Axe
Foster + Partners
Swiss Re London
photo © Adrian Welch

Birmingham Library building
Birmingham Library building

picture © Hayes Davidson

Curve – Leicester Theatre & Performing Arts Centre
Design: Rafael Vinoly Architects
Curve Leicester
photo : Peter Cook/View
Curve Leicester

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