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ESALA Degree Show : Architecture Student Projects

Work at Edinburgh School of Architecture, Scotland

7 – 28 Jun 2010 Mon to Fri, 10am to 4pm

ESALA Degree Show: Architecture Student Work

ESALA Master of Architecture Degree Show

Edinburgh School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture (ESALA) Matthew Gallery and Studio 4 of Minto House, 20 Chambers Street Florence : Curating The City A ruse* as much as a muse*, an enquiry into the logic of a collector’s retentiveness has been the basis from which the relationships between architectural projects and the city have been drawn. The student projects for Curating The City all share the hypothesis that there is a relation between a museum, with its own specific collection(s), and the city seen as an architectural and curatorial project that includes a museum as part of its collection.

The various student projects for museums act as means to hold collections of narratives that can be found in Florence. The pedagogy asks for a series of processes that enrich the narrative content of each architectural project. The ambition of the programme is not necessarily to tell complicated stories through a strange or highly coded architectural language.

The programme only proposes four things: first, narrative can be embedded in the material practices of architecture; second, design processes and specifically situated narratives can imbue the emergent language of architecture with their richness; third, that such richly saturated procedures serially overflow to inform the designer throughout design production; and fourth, embedding such procedures ultimately makes it worthwhile for either informed or uninformed audiences to read something into architectural projects, perhaps even releasing something of the stories each project holds, but more importantly, provides both architect and general reader means of participating both in architecture and the cultural specificity of the project’s context.

Florence: Curating The City is open as an Exhibition in the Matthew Architecture Gallery, 20 Chambers Street, until 28 June, Monday to Friday between 10.00 and 4.00. The Exhibition will be closed for the month of July. It will be reconfigured and will re-open on Monday 2 August and will run until 2 September as part of the Edinburgh Art Festival. A book of the work included in the Exhibition will be available for sale during August. The Exhibition will tour to the SESV Gallery in Florence in January 2011.

Christina Gaiger:

Christina Gaiger Christina Gaiger Christina Gaiger Christina Gaiger

Christiana Papadakis:

Christiana Papadakis Christiana Papadakis Christiana Papadakis

Dimitrios Prassas:

Dimitrios Prassas Dimitrios Prassas Dimitrios Prassas

Hsiao Wei Lee:

Hsiao Wei Lee Hsiao Wei Lee Hsiao Wei Lee Hsiao Wei Lee Hsiao Wei Lee

Katrina MacSween:

Katrina MacSween Katrina MacSween Katrina MacSween

Katrina MacSween / Mike Burnell / Sarah Warnock:

Katrina MacSween Mike Burnell Sarah Warnock

Mike Burnell:

Mike Burnell Mike Burnell

Marek Sivak:

Marek Sivak Marek Sivak Marek Sivak Marek Sivak

Paul Patterson:

Paul Patterson Paul Patterson

Please direct enquiries to the programme co-ordinator or programme secretary: [email protected] [email protected]

*ruse, n, 2. stratagem, artifice OED.
*muse, n, 1a. each of the nine goddesses regarded as presiding over and inspiring learning and the arts.

Location: Edinburgh, Scotland

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Major Edinburgh Buildings:

Scottish Parliament Building
Scottish Parliament Building
photograph © Keith Hunter
Scottish Parliament is the most talked about Scottish architecture in decades : building designed by Enric Miralles

Museum of Scotland – Extension, Old Town
Benson + Forsyth Architects
Museum of Scotland
photo © Adrian Welch
Museum of Scotland

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