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Dundee Architecture Studios

Angus Architecture Practices, contact details information, alphabetical:

Architect phone / fax e-mail / website address
Brown + Brown Architects +44 (0)1674 840 118


Brown + Brown Architects
3 Ryehill Cottages, Craigo
Montrose, Angus DD10 9JZ
James F Stephen Architects +44 (0)1307 475000
+44 (0)1307 475001
James F Stephen Architects
Milton Studio, Glamis, Angus

Architects + Landscape Architects + Structural Engineers with offices in Dundee

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Location: Dundee, Tayside, eastern Scotland

Dundee Architecture

Dundee Architecture Designs – chronological list

Aerial photo of buildings designed by Dundee architect office
aerial photo : University of Dundee

Dundee Architecture

Dundee Institute of Architects Awards
National Centre of Excellence in Computer Games Education
photo © Keith Hunter
Dundee Institute of Architects Awards

Apex Hotel Dundee

Scottish Architecture

Dundee Contemporary Arts
Design: Richard Murphy Architects
DCA Dundee

Current Architects Practices – International Selection

London Architects Firms

New York Architecture Studios

Tayside Buildings

V&A at Dundee
V&A Dundee Building
image from architects
V&A Dundee

Dundee House
Design: Reiach and Hall Architects
Dundee Council Offices
image © Dave Morris
Dundee Council Offices Building

Harris Academy
Design: Holmes Miller
Harris Academy Building
image from architects
Harris Academy Dundee

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