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Sligo Architecture, Ireland

Old Teeling St Building, Republic of Ireland – design by gm+ad architects

5 Sep 2006

Sligo Building

Alan Dunlop sketch image of the proposal from gm+ad architects: exclusive 05.09.06

First gm+ad architects’ project outside the UK

5 Sep 2006

Louis Doherty Development

Final Consent for Sligo

Sligo building Ireland

Gordon Murray and Alan Dunlop have now received final consent for their mixed residential and commercial development in Sligo. It will be the architects first project to be built outside the United Kingdom.

The project for 16 single and duplex apartments and 6 new retails spaces will form part of larger proposals for the Courthouse development area in the town and help link Old Market Street to High Street, through newly created wynds and public spaces. The gm+ad development will sit adjacent to the Sligo Courthouse and has been commissioned by Sligo developer, Louis Doherty.

It often seemed that approval could not be obtained for what was a difficult site and initially included the removal of a building of some historic interest.”We have been working on the project now for almost four years” says Alan Dunlop, “and through many permutations but at last we have consent.”

Sligo Architecture

Although their first design was well received by the council , the architects proposed the removal of Teeling House on Old Market Street and its replacement with a new building, at the entrance to their site.
Teeling House is thought to date back to 1820 and is owned by Louis Doherty and at the time of the original application was not a protected structure. “Unfortunately” adds Gordon Murray, “it got caught up in the current debate in Ireland about the protection of historic structures and consequently drew opposition from various conservation groups and some local politicians” The architects had to withdraw their original proposals and redesign to include the retention of Teeling House.

gm+ad took the opportunity to rethink their whole approach and the new design now addresses a new public space and the building is constructed to look like it has been hewn from limestone; Sligo’s indigenous building material from which all its important structures, like the courthouse and town hall, are constructed.

“It’s been a long times coming” says Alan Dunlop “and we’ve prepared a contextual proposal which is particular to the town, however there will be nothing else like it in Sligo and we can’t wait to get started”

For more info re this Sligo building contact: Alan Dunlop at gm+ad architects

Sligo building – gm+ad architects information Dec 2005

Sligo in for Planning

Sligo building

Gordon Murray and Alan Dunlop have submitted a new planning application for a site on Old Teeling Street, Sligo. The proposal, for local developer Louis Doherty, is for a mixed residential and commercial development, next to the Courthouse Building. The architects have been working on proposals for the same site for three years and it has been an exhausting process. “This project would provide a successful case study into the difficulties of getting planning permission in Ireland” says Alan Dunlop “our first scheme was very well received by the Council, but we proposed the removal of a building next to the courthouse which had some historic interest. The whole thing got caught up in the current debate in Ireland about the protection of historic structures and dragged on and on, until we twice had to withdraw.”

Sligo building Sligo building

“Our client, in truth was very disappointed and so were we and we considered backing out but we have been recently encouraged to resubmit”, adds Gordon Murray” and have taken this opportunity to look at the design a fresh”

The new proposal still is designed to maximise views and daylight from a restricted site and important connections and routes though the site are still encouraged but the buildings look as though they have hewn from the very limestone that surrounds Sligo.

Sligo building

“All Sligo’s important building are made from Limestone” says Alan Dunlop, “we hope to add another. A contemporary piece of architecture with a firm connection to its location and context”.

alan dunlop, gordon murray + alan dunlop architects
Sligo building – gm+ad information 221205

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Sligo building Sligo building

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