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AquaDomi Floating Hotels

Dubai Marine Architecture : Concept Design by C. F. Møller Architects

20 Aug 2009

Floating Hotels Dubai

AquaDomi Floating Hotels

Architect: C. F. Møller Architects

The AquaDomi Hotel series are concept designs for floating hotels, designed and developed for investor groups, in co-operation with AquaDomi. The series is based on a rational, prefabricated modular construction, built up on floating concrete pontoons.

The floating construction has numerous advantages, for instance locations in sensitive urban and landscape settings, which would not be feasible for traditional construction, can be considered. Also, the minimal impact on landscape and infrastructure, and the possibility for reversible, temporary placements, make the system advantageous in terms of sustainability and conservation.

AquaDomi Floating Hotels AquaDomi Floating Hotels AquaDomi Floating Hotels AquaDomi Floating Hotels

As its name implies, the AquaDomi Star Hotel is star-shaped. The star shape secures views and balconies towards the water for all rooms, and can easily be turned and adapted to suit different locations. At the same time, it creates three soft bays which allow access to the water for the key functions and provide natural mooring spots for small boats. The dynamic figure also provides the necessary symmetrical balance in the water, and reduces the length of the corridors.

The hotel concept has been designed with the option to be scaled from about 100 to 200 double rooms, with modular sizes ranging from 24 m2, and several suites in various sizes up to 100 m2. Beside its rooms, the hotel also contains a restaurant, conference room, lounge bar, hall, reception, personnel facilities, storerooms and production kitchen.

AquaDomi Floating Hotels Dubai AquaDomi Floating Hotels Dubai AquaDomi Floating Hotels Dubai AquaDomi Floating Hotels Dubai

A second, Z-shaped design version, the AquaDomi Z Hotel, is adapted to smaller or narrower water areas, such as rivers and ports. The Z-shape allows similar advantages to the star shape, notably giving symmetrical balance and securing oblique views to the water, by avoiding an unattractive parallel alignment to the shore. The Z Hotel has been selected for a location in the river Spree in Berlin, at Treptower Hafen.

AquaDomi Floating Hotels – Building Information

Client: AquaDomi A/S
Architect: C. F. Møller Architects
Engineers: AquaDomi A/S
Size: 8900 m2 (Star hotel R200), 6400 m2 (Star hotel R140), 4180 m2 (Z hotel R100)
Address: Various sites, including Germany, UAE, Italy etc.
Year: 2008-

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Location: Dubai

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