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VUC Headquarters – Adult Education Centre Denmark

Education Centre of the Future Denmark – Competition Winner : AART Architects

20 Apr 2010

VUC Headquarters Denmark

Design : AART Architects

Competition “the education centre of the future” in Denmark : 1st prize

VUC Haderslev VUC Haderslev VUC Haderslev
images from AART Architects

The education centre of the future in Haderslev, Jutland, Denmark
New headquarter for VUC (adult education centre)

Invited competition

The proposal by the Danish architects AART Architects and ZENI Architects together with engineers COWI has been appointed as winner of the visionary competition “Education Centre of the Future” at the waterfront of Haderslev in Denmark.

The five story and 6.500m2 education centre will be the new headquarter for VUC (adult education centre) in southern Denmark and sets new standards for the education facilities of the future by focusing on healthy indoor environment, low energy consumption and cultural experiences.

Rethinking the education facilities of the future

The winning proposal provides a framework for the education facilities of tomorrow where cultural experiences will be a natural part of everyday life thanks to the public ground floor which contains a café area and large concert hall for lectures, concerts and theatrical performances.

The education centre is designed as a democratic building where the public space is included as a natural part of the building by creating the best possible link between indoors and outdoors. A link between indoors and outdoors which is underlined by the great glass facades and large terraces of the building which allow direct access to fresh air and make it possible to use the outdoor areas both during, between and after classes.

The social focus is being reflected in the strong emphasis on creating visual contact between the five floors of the building. The heart of the building therefore consists of a large atrium in which the different floors are connected by a dynamic staircase and wide walkways which invite students and teachers to meet across age and discipline.

VUC Haderslev VUC Haderslev VUC Haderslev
images from AART Architects

Healthy and sustainable architecture

Healthy indoor environment means less disease, greater comfort and better concentration and is thus a condition of a good learning environment. Therefore the building is designed so it ensures a healthy indoor environment all year round without burdening the environment – for example by using the large terraces as sun protection which both protects against and takes advantage of the heat of sunlight.

“We have benefited from our expertise in indoor environment and energy design and thus made it possible that all the elements of the building have multiple functions which ultimately contribute to an optimized energy consumption and a healthy indoor environment,” says Anders Tyrrestrup, partner in AART Architects.

Education Centre of the Future Denmark – Building Information

Design: AART Architects
Project: New headquarter for VUC (adult education centre), Haderslev, Denmark
Type: 1st prize in invited competition
Area: 6.500m2

About AART Architects

AART Architects was founded in 2000 by the architects Anders Strange, Anders Tyrrestrup and Torben Skovbjerg. AART Architects’ headquarter is located in Aarhus, Denmark, and the studio employs 34 architects and has made its mark internationally in 1st prize competition projects such as Østfold Hospital and Østfold Science Center in Norway as well as notable Danish projects such as The Culture Yard in Helsingør, Bikuben college in Copenhagen and the “Mies van der Rohe Award”-nominated Outdoor Center Sletten in Ry.

New headquarter for VUC Haderslev images / information from AART Architects 200410

Location: Haderslev, Jutland, Denmark

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