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Australian High Speed Vehicle : A-HSV Concept Design

A-HSV Concept design by HASSELL Architects

24 May 2011

Australian High Speed Vehicle

Design studio HASSELL has revealed its conceptual design for an Australian High Speed Vehicle (A-HSV) in response to national debates on environmental, economical and social issues.

Inspired by the brut lines of the iconic Australian speed machine the 1960s HK Monaro, HASSELL has designed the A-HSV to be responsive to the Australian context. The A-HSV presents an alternative low-carbon, safe mode of transport for future travel between Australian capital and regional cities.

Australian High Speed Vehicle Concept:
Australian High Speed Vehicle Australian High Speed Vehicle Concept Australian High Speed Vehicle design Australian High Speed Vehicle design

Pioneering a new concept in the way Australians commute and travel, the double-decker train would offer the choice of modern, spacious, open plan commuter seating or private berths for business meetings or luxury travellers. A dining/lounge bar and convenience store would be integrated into the train allowing commuters to dine or do their daily shopping before arriving at their destination.

Travelling at 400km per hour, a trip from Melbourne to Sydney would take under three hours, providing a viable transportation alternative to one of the busiest air traffic corridors in the world. The high speed train would address national sustainability issues by:

_ removing the reliance on air and private vehicle travel to in turn reduce carbon emissions
_providing shorter travel times to regional cities under pressure from population growth and urban sprawl
_reducing transport-related congestion, opening up housing choice and affordability, and increasing national productivity.

Concept design by architects HASSELL:
Australian High Speed Vehicle Australian High Speed Vehicle Concept Australian High Speed Vehicle design Australian High Speed Vehicle design

A-HSV Design Team

Mark Loughnan
Harley Vincent
Piers Van Zandvliet
Steven Paul
Jack Crocker
Jean-Paul Ghougassian

Australian High Speed Vehicle images / information from HASSELL

HASSELL Architects

Location: Australia

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