Public Space Design Competition

Public Space Design Competition, Precast Concrete Urban Furniture & Sport, Architecture Contest

Public Space Design Competition

Precast Concrete Urban Furniture & Sport Architectural Contest – Architecture

30 Oct 2014

Public Space Design Competition

Precast Concrete Urban Furniture & Sport

Public Space Design Competition, “Precast Concrete Urban Furniture & Sport” is a new international open competition of ideas to reveal talents and fresh ideas that can benefit to the community.

Concrete Competition

It is open to students and young professionals up to 30 yrs old. Competition is anonymous (not based on reputation but talent) and there is no fee to enter. Candidates in the field of architecture, design, landscape, urban planning, engineering are invited to challenge themselves, discover a new material and process for them that is precast architectural concrete, and design precast concrete elements in relation with theme of Street Furniture and Sport.

Candidates are invited to think openly on what could be the streets if we would add some sport or invite people to do exercises. After all, street can be entertaining, relaxing or inviting us to stay fit with pleasure. Benches, bollards, litter bins, planters, lights, bicycle racks, retaining walls, … are a small example of the wide range of products that are there to help us or please us in a city.

Ideas of candidates must be made of precast architectural concrete. Accent is made on accessibility, “design for all” and eco-design.

Candidates are invited to present their ideas in sketches, precisely one idea on maximum 2x A3 paper sheets to submit in PDF.

3 winners will receive a prize money of respectively 1000 €, 600 € or 400 €. A prototype will be produced among the three first prizes by the sponsor and will be exhibited at “Brussels Street Furniture Expo” on 4-5 February 2015.

There will be a publication of the runner-ups. Their number depends on the decision of the jury.

Here is the link to register online: http://www.urbastyle.com and click on the banner of the competition.

This short time competition, until 30 November 2014 at midnight is organized and controlled by UDB (Professional Union of Designers in Belgium) and the regulations comply with the highest international standards and respect of the rights of each participant.

E-mail of the competition manager: [email protected]

Good luck to all the ones who create and think outside the frame to improve our environment!

You can download the rules right here: Rules Public Space Precast Concrete Street Furniture Competition 2014

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Public Space Design Competition

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