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Aural Architecture Competition News

24 March 2022

‘Sound To Space’

Using the sense of sound to design architectural space, depicting emotions and humanising the habitable volume encompassed by walls. Use your auditory sense to develop abstract architectural space which exhibits an emotion of itself.

Aural Architecture Competition 2022

Aural Architecture Competition International Design Competition – Introduction

The process of designing is as follows:

  • Listen to the music pieces.
  • Select any one of the four music pieces.
  • Analyze the music and understand the emotion.
  • Word those emotions to further translate it into architectural space.
  • It could be any type of structure or installation
  • Be able to encompass a volume that depicts your understanding of the emotion in the music.

“I’ve seen miracles happen with sound.”

– Tom Kenyon

We expect:

Design an abstract architectural space influenced by sound.

Keywords: Aural, Music, Architectural Space

  • Aural: relating to ear or sense of hearing.
  • Music: vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) combined in such a way as to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion..
  • Architectural Space: Space expresses something invisible and intangible to the design in terms of shape, colours & material.

“To hear a sound is to see a space.”

– Louis I Kahn.


  • Please mention the name (Artist’s name) in your description file of the music piece you select for the design description.
  • You have to design an architectural space that interprets the music piece.
  • Innovative space.
  • The two words to remember ‘Sound & Space
  • Drawing requirements: Conceptual (Priority), Plans, Sections, Elevations, Views.
  • Support your design with all possible explanations, (Formats that are accepted: Text, Video, Audio, and the most obvious drawings)
  • The reasoning for every space that has been designed.

*It is a sound to space competition, so do not hesitate to ask questions in case of doubts email at [email protected]

(Subject: AUA- Query | Body: Your query)


  • This competition is open to all the designers and design student.
  • We welcome architecture university students to participate as representatives for their university and spread the word among their fellow students.

*To know more about being representatives and benefits contact at [email protected] (email subject: Representative volunteer)


  • Presentation Board (Min. 02 05 no | size: A1 Landscape format)
  • Text Summary (Min. 300 words)


  • Download the submission folder (A zip folder).
  • Upload all the requirements in the designated folder and rename the folders as mentioned on the info card in the folder.
  • Rename the folder with your participation code.
  • Upload the folder to google drive/dropbox
  • Email the link in the format mentioned below:
    • Email address: [email protected]
    • Email Subject: AUAR_your code (example: OFG_XX_XXX_2202_US)

*Do not ask any queries on [email protected], email all your queries to [email protected]

Aural Architecture Design Competition


Registration deadline: 30th June 2022

  • AR (advanced registration): 8TH March 2022 – 22RD March 2022
  • ER(early registration): 24TH March 2022 – 7TH  April 2022
  • SRL1 (standard registration level 1):8TH April 2022 – 23RD April 2022
  • SRL2 (standard registration level 2): 24TH April 2022 – 7TH May 2022
  • SRL3 (standard registration level 3): 8TH May 2022 – 23RD May 2022
  • SRL4 (standard registration level 4): 24TH May 2022 – 7TH  June 2022
  • LR (late registration): 8TH June 2022 – 23RD June 2022
  • CR(countdown registration): 24TH June 2022 – 7TH  July 2022

Submission deadline: 15th July 2022

Result Announcement: 5th Sepember 2022

Participants will be notified in case of an update in the timeline.



News announcement on global platforms (platforms partnered with us – Global exposure.)

Design feature on our platform


Exclusive Interview in both text & video format (Video feature on our home page)


Certificate of achievement will be awarded to our winners / honorable mentions & a participation certificate to all our participants


Design/article feature on the partnering platform.


Comments from the jurors for improvement and appreciation.

  • & MORE

*All the certificates will be attested and e-format


Click the competition banner: Aural Architecture –

Scroll down to the bottom and click on the registration button




  • Doubts /Queries related to the competition: [email protected]
  • Request online chat support for queries: DM (Instagram) @archi_ol (Team will redirect you to the chat support)
  • Payment related queries: [email protected]

(Once you receive a successful registration, it means that you have been registered).

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