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Architectural Challenge Competition : Design Contest

3°Torneo di Architettura – Italian Architecture Prize

15 Mar 2013

Italian Architecture Contest

Organiser: Officina 06 S.A.S., Roma, Italia

Architectural Challenge Competition 2013
image from competition organiser

Architectural Challenge Competition 2013

3rd Architectural challenge – committed to under 40 architects and students.

72 hours to shape, imagine and fortify your ideas. A weekend to conceive. A chance to challenge each other, have fun and win awesome rewards.

This design contest aims to increase the value of degraded town areas, which waiting just a smart idea to become likable urban places.

We choose no subject that will be built for real. Also we focus in a short time the project period. That allows participants to go in for just creativity, and no spent so much time and crafts.

The design contest subject shall not released before the registrations end, ’cause the contest itself lasts only one weekend. Then, projects must be delivered 72 hours after the subject release.

Performing projects is something made by power and responsibility. The “game appareance” of the challenge is not a way to underestimate the force of projecting, rather a way to take back the funny and pleasant side of it. A game capable to offer a bunch of ideas to the audience, showing up how different (maybe better?) could be the places we living.

Design Contest Categories


– Professionals under 40 The competition is opened to all architects and engineers under 40, regularly enrolled to the respective professional registers.
– open The participation is opened to architectural, engineering and design students. Also, to anybody (not professionals) which has the skills to compete.

The participation can be as individual or as group

Architectural Challenge Competition Awards


The minimum guaranteed jackpot is 2.500 €. Beside this, a part of the registration fees will be given to the winners, so there is no limit to the maximum possible prize. The more participants the higher is the prize, divided as explained below:

– The winner for the category “Professionals under 40” will be grant with 30% of the total registration fees (minimum guaranteed prize 1.000 euro)*
– Second prize: 250 euro*
– Third prize: Next challenge free registration

– The winner for the category “Open” will be grant with 30% of the total registration fees (minimum guaranteed prize 1.000 euro)*
– Second prize: 250 euro*
– Third prize: Next challenge free registration

* Prize including tax burdens

– Audience Special Award (Next Challenge free registration) The registration fee is 50 Euros for each contestant, no matter if single or group

Design Contest Project Submission


This is an online contest and the projects must be anonymous. The deadline for the project’s delivery is 72 hours after the subject presentation.

– n.1 Tab format UNI A1 in jpg format resolution 150 dpi (4967x 3508 pixel).

Free representation: The participants can freely give their own interpretation of the project subject, but with Tabs vertical layout, including maps, plans and sections in order to make the project presentation clear and understandable.

– Short report ( max. 2500 keystrokes) that explains choices and technologies proposed. This report must be in Pdf format.

The official languages are: English and Italian.

You can find the Full Regulations on the website (download area) – Ed, no longer online when checked in 2021.

Location: Italy, southern Europe

Italy Architectural Designs

Italian Architecture Designs – architectural selection below:

Italian Architecture Designs – chronological list

Contemporary Italian buildings on e-architect – selection below:

Re-use Grottole Church Competition, Grottole, Matera, Basilicata, southern Italy
Reuse the Fallen Church, Chiesa Diruta Grottole, Matera Italy
image courtesy of contest organiser
Re-use Grottole Church Competition
The third edition of the contest Re-use Italy: an International Architecture Competition on the reuse of the Fallen-church of Grottole, Matera, Italy.

New hospital Michele and Pietro Ferrero, Verduno, Cuneo, north west Italy
Architects: Aymeric Zublena of Scau Architecture with Ugo and Paolo Dellapiana of Archicura and Ugo Camerino
Hospital Michele & Pietro Ferrero Verduno building
photo : Barbara Corsico
Hospital Michele & Pietro Ferrero, Verduno
The new Italian hospital designed by the French Aymeric Zublena of Scau Architecture with Ugo and Paolo Dellapiana of Archicura and Ugo Camerino is operational on the Unesco World Heritage Site of Langhe-Roero. The backbone of the project is the “medical gallery”, a glazed space that distributes light and flows to the complex set on a horizontal core plate.

Palermo Seaview Apartments, Sicily
Design: Pucciocollodoro Architetti
Seaview Apartments Palermo
picture : Puccio Collodoro Architetti
Seaview Apartments in Palermo
This accommodation facility is set within an imposing and modern building called ‘Ponte sul Mare’, which houses residences, accommodation and business activities. The building is situated in the Politeama district, the heart of the city of Palermo.

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