Athikia Building: Bogotá Residence

Athikia Building, Bogotá Residence, Contemporary Housing Colombia, Architecture, Photo

Athikia Building : Bogotá Architecture

Colombian Architecture, South America – design by Daniel Bonilla

9 Jan 2013

Athikia Building

Bogotá, Colombia

Design: Daniel Bonilla Arquitectos

Athikia Building Bogotá
photo : Rodrigo Davila

The basic challenge was how to develop a project that maximised the small lot, optimizing the number of units and other areas, while generating an architectural language that was unique within its sector.

The key design ideas were to obtain flexibility and cost effectiveness, within a contemporary and unique building (thus mitigating the disadvantage of a project with few sellable units, as a result of the site).

Building in Bogotá by Daniel Bonilla Arquitectos Athikia Building Bogotá Athikia Building Bogotá New Building Bogotá
photos : Rodrigo Davila

The potential buyer was offered choice, as the building accommodates / subdivides into varying apartment modules (in both horizontal and vertical planes), ranging from one bedroom units to three bedroom apartments.

Athikia Building – Building Information

Client: Apiros
Design: Daniel Bonilla
Design team: Pedro Pulido, Alejandro Méndez, Seir Amaya, Raúl González, Alejandra Torres, Sebastián Chica, Alexander Roa, Giancarlo Mainero.
Year of construction: 2007-2008
Covered Area: 1982m2

Athikia Building Bogotá images / information from Daniel Bonilla Arquitectos

Daniel Bonilla Arquitectos

Location:Bogotá, Colombia

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