AMI Fair Stand, German Trade Fair Booth, Agrolinz Melamine International Building Project, Design Photos

AMI Fair Düsseldorf, Germany

Agrolinz Melamine International Development in Düsseldorf, Germany design by Caramel Architekten

21 Jul 2009

AMI Fair Düsseldorf – Agrolinz Melamine International

“ami” fair stand, duesseldorf 2004 together with fritz stiper

The AMI Booth – Agrolinz Melamine International

A reusable trade fair booth; designed for K04 in Düsseldorf, October 2004


With the aim of counteracting the hectic bustle and over-stimulation one finds in the exhibition setting, a “space inside a space” was created, which by virtue of its colors and acoustic properties radiates tranquility and safety and encourages visitors to linger.

AMI Fair Stand AMI Fair Booth
photos : caramel

The colors of the textile surfaces are the same as those of the company logo. The triple loops also correspond to the AMI logo.

The loop ends constitute the two access zones; the association of a “red carpet” punctuates the overall gesture.
Depending on the angle, this constructed space seems open or closed. The spatial structure is a freestanding object within the consciously withdrawn, standard dividing walls consisting of white curtains that bear only the letters of the company logo.

In the interior space there is a row of stand-up tables, where visitors can consult with company representatives.
Those who prefer being passively informed from a more comfortable position can relax in front of a row of screens that play AMI info films. For each screen there is a fold-out seat that can be “peeled” out of the inner shell of the spiral. The comfortable seating position encourages visitors to take off their coats and stay a while.

The lighting inside the booth contributes significantly to the spatial atmosphere. Points of light directed at the stand-up tabletops communicate with linear rails, which hold the mandatory sprinkler system as well as the indirect lighting, illuminating the table surfaces without glare.

Construction / Materials:

The spatial structure consists of a two-layered, lightweight wooden construction consisting of five prefabricated parts per loop. Each section can be handled by 2-3 persons and houses the ducts for the lighting and IT systems.

The individual sections can be assembled in a short time and are reusable. They are covered with a layer of textile, felt-like material or imitation black leather.

Planned by: Caramel architekten ZT GmbH with Friedrich Stiper

AMI Fair Stand images / information from Caramel Architekten

Caramel Architekten

Location: Cologne, west central Germany, western, Europe

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AMI Fair Stand Düsseldorf