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WEZO HOTEL Chengdu, Qingyang

9 September 2022

WEZO urban social hotel

Design: Wedo Design with Epos Architecture

Location: #92 Guojielou Street, Qingyang District (Shaocheng), Chengdu, China

WEZO HOTEL Chengdu Qingyang District

Photos by Xiang Ao

WEZO HOTEL Chengdu Qingyang District, China

WEZO is not only a synthesis which gathers living, dining, bar, art culture, life style, but also a platform of brands collection. It’s creating a circle of art life and a space of social contact for urban youth. Essentially, WEZO is a combination of diversified life style, culture, art and business.

WEZO HOTEL Chengdu Qingyang District

By business logic, the critical factor of operating a hotel is occupancy, but in other vision WEZO is expecting more. It is not only a hotel which is designed of architectural aesthetics, but also from the needs of people, it provides a platform of chatting for people who are in same business or same interest, it would be a culture strongholds for connecting people. That’s why we called it “social hotel”, WEZO is rather a culture brand than a hotel.

WEZO HOTEL Chengdu Qingyang District

WEZO holds it’s unique attitude, it’s like opening a blind box from outside to inside once you enter it. Transition space of hall has a bridge water side, the simplified design can be in line with the tonality of light luxury. Stepping into WEZO, well-proportioned space layout formed a zigzag moving line, classic glass bricks wall, decorations like wooden horse and wooden pillar from India, western style electric stove, geometrical shaped long light, it combines characteristics of Chinese and western aesthetics.

WEZO HOTEL Chengdu Qingyang District

Enter the mystery selection shop, there is a kind of atmosphere of castle. Design of flow style exhibition hall is quite amorous. The Corridor type is matched with wooden panes, showing slightly classical charm.

Open-ended cafe & bar is vintage style. Guests would like to stay for a while because the space is under original grape trellis shape of stone pillar.

WEZO HOTEL Chengdu Qingyang District

WEZO is just like a painting of oriental enjoyable courtyard & landscape which is combined with rockery, stack of water, trees, cabin and bar.

Tea house on the roof with glass walls around and thatch rooftop is quite interesting. You can both overlook the city and enjoy the sunshine through the small skylight while sitting next to the square table inside.

WEZO HOTEL Chengdu Qingyang District

41 guest rooms are located from 2nd to the 7th floor. Design of rooms is simple but loose and comfortable, WEZO is paying more attention to the experience of living. Creating an easy life of traditional Chengdu by placing in old furniture.

WEZO HOTEL Chengdu Qingyang District

Under “City Updating” concept, Shaocheng is now changing. WEZO was transformed from office building of a gas company which was built in 1980’s, how to take advantage of this old building, and add new form of business, let it precipitate and integrate into this area in time.

Qingyang District building by Wedo Design with Epos Architecture

WEZO is attracting new people here into the old block of Chengdu by it’s own way, get involved in local community through diversity and open attitude, connecting different group by it’s uniqueness. After connection, the possibility of creativity could happen, ideas for city update are always by those kind of people from a mini place. It is happening now at WEZO.

Chinese building guestroom interior

WEZO HOTEL 过街楼街92号

主要功能: 大厅接待/TABLE ROUED咖啡厅/ THE GAS燃气餐厅/ 酒吧 / 买手店/ 酒店客房
项目地点: 成都青羊区(少城)过街楼街92号
摄 影: 翱翔
设计时间: 2021.05
完工时间: 2022.01
项目面积: 3200平方米
项目造价: 2000万

围坐 都市社交精品酒店 WEZO urban social hotel



WEZO HOTEL Chengdu Qingyang District








WEZO HOTEL Chengdu guestroom bed

WEZO HOTEL Chengdu Qingyang District, China – Building Information

Project Name: WEZO HOTEL
Main Functions: Reception Hall / TABLE ROUED cafe / THE GAS restaurant / Bar / Selection Shop
Address: #92 Guojielou Street, Qingyang District (Shaocheng), Chengdu

Interior design: WEDO DESIGN
Furnishing design: WEDO DESIGN
Light design: ALLWAY
Cooperated brand: MOUTT FURNITURE
Construction rebuilt: EPOS ARCHITECTURE

Photography: XIANG AO
Start time: 2021.05
Complete time: 2022.01
Area: 3200 square meters

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Location: Chengdu, China

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