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Chaoyang Archaeological Museum : Niu He Liang Building

Niu He Liang Archaeological Museum building, China design by Sutherland Hussey Architects

1 Jun 2010

Archaeological Museum in Niu He Liang (Inner Mongolia)

Project: Archaeological Museum, Chaoyang, China

Design : Sutherland Hussey Architects with Pansolution

Project Description

Using a simple arched structure to span the area of the excavation zone, this proposal creates a singular external expression and a modulating, internal spatial experience.

Niu He Liang Archaeological Museum Niu He Liang Museum Niu He Liang Archaeological Museum Chaoyang
images from SHA


The existing landscape is modified around the archaeological ruins and formalised to define an elliptical surface. A simple arched structure is used, spanning from the perimeter of the ellipse and onto a inner circular compression ring which sits directly over the circular burial chamber.

This emphasises the significance of the burial chamber at the heart of the ruins and also creates a highly modulated internal space.


The visitor approaches the Museum from the east and at a level that gradually ascends to the same height as the archaeological ruins. The land is built-up to the south of the ruins and houses the more environmentally sensitive artefacts within. The visitor moves through the spaces and arrives at a pedestrian bridge which takes them over the ravine to continue on their explorations of the landscape. Alternatively they can return to the entrance to return to their car.

Consultants: Pansolution – Executive architects

Niu He Liang Archaeological Museum images / information from Sutherland Hussey Architects

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