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MUSHI Wedding Photography Space Kunming City

23 May 2022

Cun FF Yang Xuewan l Love is Color – MUSHI Photography Art Space

Architecture: CUN FF

Location: Kunming, Yunnan Province, China

MUSHI Wedding Photography Space Kunming

Photos by INSPACE|Yanyu, Naxin

MUSHI Wedding Photography Space

Before the camera was invented, painters played the role of photographer, who used their paintbrushes to capture the objects’ texture, the light and shadow, and the moment when people fell in love… Among them, Marc Chagall, a Russian-French-Jewish artist of international repute used his brush to create a beautiful and dreamy world, in which there will always be his wife and hometown. “Love” is one of the themes that has always appeared in Marc Chagall’s paintings.

MUSHI Wedding Photography Space Kunming

In this project, Cun FF takes Marc Chagall’s paintings as clues, unfolding a multi-dimensional experience exploration of the brand space. Through dramatic colors, the reshaped three-dimensional composition of space, and the functional division of multiple business models, the design has achieved the maximum connection and communication between art and commerce.

Picasso once said, “When Matisse dies, Chagall will be the only painter left who understands what color really is.”
In Chagall’s artworks such as Lovers with the Blue Donkey, The Purple Rooster, and Lovers in the Sky of Nice, his wife Bella is always surrounded by shades of blue, that’s why some people say that the miracle of blue figured in Chagall’s long love story with his wife Bella.

MUSHI Wedding Photography Space Kunming

When designing MUSHI Wedding Photography Art Space, Cun FF expected that this space should include the sweetness and romance of couples.

Therefore, the innocent and dreamy blue was adopted as the main tone of the space. As the VI color of MUSHI Photography, blue is applied in different materials.

To get the ideal blue color on different materials, the color matching process went through many twists and turns. After changing more than 20 samples and when the designer was about to give up, the most ideal color appeared.

The blue spherical installation, the blue stair armrest, and the blue glass curtain wall… all the blue colors are like Marc Chagall’s blue full of unrestrained and infinitely flowing love.

MUSHI Wedding Photography Space Kunming


Just like Marc Chagall absorbed the unique spatial concept of Cubism headed by Picasso and transformed it into his own unique artistic language, the space used bold color and three-dimensional geometry to form a unique painting language, expressing wonderful ideals and pictures.

Taking advantage of the original storey height, the designer transformed the entire rest area into a three-dimensional space, which was refracted through mirrors, creating a transparent sense of space.

MUSHI Wedding Photography Space Kunming


Hoping to preserve the moment, Rabih asked them to take pictures together, then he put the camera on a rock and ran into the shot. He knew that perfect happiness would only come bit by bit, perhaps no more than five minutes at a time. So people have to hold it with both hands and cherish it.
The Course of Love written by Alain De Botton

Whether Bresson’s “decisive moment” or Wang Yao’s “special moment”, both photography theories emphasize the importance of the freeze-frame moment. The space created by Cun FF aims to assist photographers to capture the beautiful moments of the guests.

Different from the common photography space, Cun FF has integrated eight different functions as the art gallery, wedding dress, men’s styling, commercial studio, dressing room, handmade jewelry workshop, four-dimensional reception area, an office area in the 3000-square-meter project, where a perfect balance has reached in the exploration of artistic sense and functionality.

It is worth mentioning that in this 3000-square-meter space, there is an exclusive men’s styling room with shampoo and haircut functions, allowing professional barbers to create the perfect style for men.

All the fine functional designs not only make it easier for photographers to capture the best moments of the guests, but also broaden the service scope of the space, so as to enhance the market promotion of MUSHI. Even if the visitors are not precise customers, they may still recognize the brand MUSHI by an art exhibition or a cup of afternoon tea, which may be the biggest flow conversion brought by design to the space.

In September 2017, the brand MUSHI entered the public view for the first time; and in 2021, the upgraded MUSHI has gained great influence in the industry in Yunnan, China. The complex and highly recognizable space design has brought growth potential and possibilities, thus, achieving a win-win situation for all parties.

Kunming City, Yunnan Province interior design


摄影师:INSPACE|言隅 纳信
寸匠FF 杨雪婉 l 爱即色彩 – 「木石」摄影艺术空间

不同于普遍的摄影空间,寸匠FF打造了一个集合艺术画廊、婚纱礼服馆、定制男装区、商业影棚、私享造型间、手造饰品工坊、四维接待区及办公区8大功能板块的 3000㎡ 空间,在艺术感与功能性的探索上,找到了完美平衡。
值得一提的是在这 3000㎡ 空间内,拥有具备洗头、理发功能的男士专属造型间,让专业理发师为男士塑造完美之型。

Kunming City, Yunnan Province Interior

MUSHI Wedding Photography in Kunming City, China – Building Information

Project Name: MUSHI Wedding Photography Space
Location: Kunming, Yunnan Province, China
Area: 3000㎡

Chief Designer: Yang Xuewan
Design Company: Cun FF
Construction Team: Chongsu Space Decoration
Design Time: April 2021
Completion Time: September 2021

Photography: INSPACE|Yanyu, Naxin

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Location: Kunming, China

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