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MAD Travel Fellowship 2018

Chinese Student Architect Project in 2017 – organised by MAD Architects

14 Jun 2018

MAD Travel Fellowship 2018 Winners

2018 MAD Travel Fellowship Winners Announced

June 14th, 2018 – Beijing, China

The 2018 MAD Travel Fellowship winners have been selected. This 9th edition will support six architecture students from across the globe, and grant them the opportunity to travel to the destination of their choice, in order to gain further insights into their architecture topics of research.

The six winners of the 2018 MAD Travel Fellowship, reviewed and selected by Ma Yansong, are:

MAD Travel Fellowship 2018 Winner

Khao Vu
Harvard University, graduate student
Research Topic: Space Organism – A search for a new invention in contemporary culture
Travel Destinations: England, Japan, Switzerland

MAD Travel Fellowship 2018 Winner

Tatiana Southey-Bassols
Bartlett School of Architecture, graduate student
Research Topic: How the built environment is a key mediator of remembrance and a tool to preserve repressed cultural identity
Travel Destinations: China, Kazhakstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan

MAD Travel Fellowship 2018 Winner

Qi Peng
Wuhan University, undergraduate student
Research Topic: The existence of architectural quietude in European cities
Travel Destinations: France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland

MAD Travel Fellowship 2018 Winner

Zhang Xinyi
Architectural Association, undergraduate student
Research Topic: What is the future of Chinese Architecture?
Travel Destinations: China, Japan, North Korea, Russia

MAD Travel Fellowship 2018 Winner

Tong Zhou
Columbia University, graduate student
Research Topic: Provocative mildness in architecture
Travel Destinations: Portugal, Spain

MAD Travel Fellowship 2018 Winner

Zhonghui Zhu
Princeton University, graduate student
Research Topic: Beyond the white wall: Colors, nature and materials in traditional and modern Mexican architecture
Travel Destination: Mexico

Initiated in 2009 by Ma Yansong, founder and principal partner of MAD Architects, the MAD Travel Fellowship provides young architecture students with the possibility to experience the spaces and places that inspire their architectural ambitions; and assists them in organizing meetings with those architects that have been valuable to their personal research topics.

For more information on the MAD Travel Fellowship, please visit the fellowship website or contact: [email protected]

7 Jun 2017

MAD Travel Fellowship 2017 Winners

Winners for 2017 MAD Travel Fellowship

Jun.7th, 2017 – Beijing, China – MAD Architects announces the winners of the 2017 MAD Travel Fellowship.

1. Roberto Vargas Calvo, from Costa Rica, a 5th year undergraduate student in Veritas University, Costa Rica
Roberto Vargas Calvo

2. Kyriaki Goti, from Greece, a 2nd year graduate student in University of Stuttgart, Germany
Kyriaki Goti

3. Hossein Goudarzi, from Iran, a 1st year graduate student in University of New Mexico, USA
Hossein Goudarzi

4. Federico Fauli, from Italy, a 2nd year graduate student in Architectural Association, UK
Federico Fauli

5. Shaun McCallum, Scotland, a 1st year graduate student in University of Applied Art Vienna, Austria
Shaun McCallum

Chinese Fellows to travel overseas:

1. LI Qiwei, a 4th year undergraduate student in Beijing University of Civil engineering and Architecture, China. Travel Destination: Russia, Ukraine
LI Qiwei

2. WEN Zishen, a 2nd year graduate student in Tsinghua University, China. Travel Destination: Germany, Austria, Italy
WEN Zishen

3. WU You, a st year graduate student in Princeton University, USA. Travel Destination: France
WU You

4. YI Zhe, a 1st year graduate student in Yale University, USA. Travel Destination: Japan
YI Zhe

5. WEI Tangchenxi, a 2nd year graduate student in Southeast University, China. Travel Destination: Netherlands
WEI Tangchenxi

MAD Travel Fellowship images / information from Mad Architects

Location: People’s Republic of China

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