Flow Exhibition Space Chengdu Gallery Interior

Flow Exhibition Space, Chengdu Building, Chinese Interior Architecture Development Images

Flow Exhibition Space in Chengdu

Modern Gallery Interior in China design by MoHen Chao Design Assoc.

11 Aug 2016

Flow Exhibition Space

Location: Chengdu, China

Architects: MoHen Chao Design Assoc.

Flow Exhibition Space in Chengdu, China

Flow Exhibition Space

Green Land Pavilion it’s an exhibition space located in the heart of Chengdu, China.

Flow Exhibition Space

The project was designed to exhibit real estate properties in a no traditional way.

Flow Exhibition Space

The intention was to give the visitors an experience of interaction between the exterior and interior through the nature and arts to create a symbol of modern lifestyle and sustainable urban development.

Flow Exhibition Space

The building with its sensuality and harmony with the landscape becomes a symbol of an artistic and architectural expression.

Flow Exhibition Space

The geometry of the exterior facade extends to the internal finish, connecting landscape, architecture and interior design, defining the space as a continuous ribbon that creates the different areas including the orbiting spiral of the vertical circulation.

Flow Exhibition Space

Flow Exhibition Space Gallery Interior in China

Modern Gallery Interior in China

Water and nature were the main inspirations in this project, achieving a fluid space in a smooth uninterrupted and dynamic way.

Flow Exhibition Space design by MoHen Chao Design Assoc.

The space its functional and sculptural, creating an intuitive sequence of different areas in 2,700 sqm distributed on two floors containing a large showroom, reception, bar, lounge, business and VIP areas, immersed between pieces of art and sculptural furniture.

Chinese Interior Architecture design by MoHen Chao Design Assoc.

Flow Exhibition Space in Chengdu – Building Information

Location: Chengdu, China
Architect: Hank M. Chao / MoHen Chao Design Assoc.
Participants: ANA PATRICIA CASTAINGTS GOMEZ, Denise Bechis, Lei Yurong, Zhao Ziqiang, Li Xinbei
Materials: GRG, wood, PVC flooring, and stainless steel, marble and white paint
Completion Date: 2015.03
Size: 2700sqm

Flow Exhibition Space Flow Exhibition Space

Photographer: MoHen Design International / Leo photographer

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Aedas architects

Location: Chengdu, People’s Republic of China

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