ChinLink Office, Xi’an Interior Design

ChinLink Office Xi’an Interior Design Project, Chinese Architecture Images

ChinLink Office in Xi’an

20 October 2021

Location: Xi’an, China

Design: HONG Designworks

ChinLink Office Xi’an

ChinLink Office, Xi’an Interior

ChinLink, a new landmark that contains the function of the office, finance, business, and leisure, located in Xi’an, China.

ChinLink Office Xi’an

In the center of the architecture, HONGDesigworks uses the full-scale spectral color design to make different spaces interpret various temperaments — coldness, enthusiasm, stability, and elegance.

ChinLink Office Xi’an ChinLink Office Xi’an

HONGDesigworks builds spiral stairs, beautiful dimensional artwork to achieve spatial unity of the board and office floors. The shape of the circle and spiral arrangement of the stairs allows function and visual aesthetic perception to combine perfectly.
The reception desk becomes the unique observation deck under the reflection of light and shadow.

ChinLink Office Xi’an

Carpets of diverse styles that highlight and distinguish functional areas cooperate with furniture and artworks give the space a more flexible possibility.

The dining area shows a fusion of elements of Chinese and Western dining styles. The Chinese restaurant uses red color as the dominant color, emphasizing the elegant eastern atmosphere. The western restaurant fits the space pattern with the western-style long table. The sunshine makes everything full of vitality.

ChinLink Office Xi’an

The bar area with blue color would become a good place that releases negative energy and activate the confident working attitude.

In the office area, the combination of gray leather seats and wooden furniture creates a peaceful atmosphere.
In the office space of the chairman, the functional configuration becomes the protagonist. The high-level texture is reflected by uses of wood and leather materials. The whole area reveals a calm atmosphere with a concise style.
The lobby is concise and full of details.

ChinLink Office Xi’an

HONGdesignworks avoids complicated decorative elements, uses colors and controls of views of lines and proportion, finally obtains an office space with practicality, flexibility, and artistic texture.

ChinLink Office Xi’an

ChinLink Office, Xi’an Interior Design – Building Information

Project area: 42050 sqm
Interior Design: Dang, Ming & Tang, Xin & Xie, Xu & Qian, Xiaoqian & Ao, Qinge & Wang, Qing & Wang, Haichuan & Yan, Zhen / HONGDesignworks
Furnish Design: Yimu Designworks
Brands: Magis / Arper / Fritz Hansen / OKAMURA / MUUTO / ACTIU / LaCividina / Walter Knoll / Rolf Benz / Carl Hansen / VIBIA / Flos / Lee Broom / Waldmann / Kvadrat / Milliken / PARADOR / JEB / Novacolor
Architecture Design: Yang, Peishen & Wang, Xiaochen
Construction Unit: Huijing International (Xi’an) Information Technology Co., Ltd.
Construction Organization: 1M76 Studio & BAStudio
Implementation group: Shenzhuang General Construction Group Co., Ltd.
Completion Time: Sep 2019

ChinLink Office Xi’an

Instagram List
Dang,Ming: dang.ming / Li,Dandi: dandi.lee99 / Tan, Xiao:tanxiao8686/
HONGDesignworks: hongdesignworks

HONG Designworks Ins: hongdesignworks
Hong Designworks, founded in 2002, is a local diversified design company based on international perspectives. Service domain involves offices, commercial real estate, boutique hotels, health care and medical care, public culture, and other types of spaces. Using precise control to achieve the goal of projects effectively. Presenting international and diversified works by providing professional services and cutting-edge design.

Designer DangMing Ins: dang.ming
Dang Ming once went to Düsseldorf, Germany for advanced study and research under German master designer Professor Helfried Hagenberg. He also taught at the Art and Design College of Xi’an University of Science and Technology.

His advantage represents by integrating international vision and local accumulation to create an urban space that stimulates sensory experience. DangMing was invited to serve as a judge for the 2021 Dutch Frame Awards and was selected as one of the 40 most influential young designers under the age of 40 in the Asian region.

His design works have been collected by KLINGSPOR MUSEUM OFFENBACH in Germany and selected for the 2010 German Chinese Design Biennale. Many works of HONG Designworks have repeatedly won domestic and international design awards, including 2021 Red Dot Award, 2019 German IF Design Award, Architecture, and Interior Category Award, 2019 Dutch World Architecture Festival INSIDE Interior Festival Office Award, 2019 Italian A’design International Design Award Silver Award, etc.

ChinLink Office Xi’an

Photography Team: Tan, Xiao / Ten Photography Studio

ChinLink Office, Xi’an Interior Design images / information received 201021 from HONG Designworks

Location: Xi’an, China

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