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Stone House Bulgaria

Residential Development near Sofia design by I/O architects, southeast Europe

11 Mar 2009

Location: near Sofia, Bulgaria
Date built: 2006
Design: I/O architects

Stone House Bulgaria property

Stone House near Sofia

Located at the end of a picturesque river valley and just under a massive vertical rock this retreat house combines simple volume and complex spatial structure. The main living space occupies the entire floor area of the first level.

Its open space is not disturbed by any vertical structure. Different zones are defined by the height of the suspended volumes containing the various spaces above.

Stone House Bulgaria residence

The solid shell of stone and concrete supports the suspended wooden structure. Total opening towards the rock of both the levels creates the ambiguous intimate space behind the house. The grassed roof terrace at the end of the stairs traversing the entire house offers maximum privacy and a spectacular view to the natural surroundings.

Stone House Bulgaria property interior

This project is about the dynamic balance of many intended, inevitable and irresistible oppositions. The result is stable enough to be called equilibristic.

Stone House in Bulgaria – Building Information

Type: Private house
Total area: 220 sqm
Project: 2003-04
Construction: 2004-06

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Location: near Sofia, Bulgaria, southeast Europe

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