Panorama Apartment Burgas Building, Bulgaria Property Project Photo, New Residential Design

Panorama Apartment Building, Bulgaria : Burgas Architecture

Residential Development design by I/O architects in Bulgaria, Southeastern Europe

Location: Burgas, Bulgaria
Date built: 2007
Design: I/O architects

Altruistic Panorama Apartment Building Burgas

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Altruistic Panorama Apartments

Apartment block

Total area 7500sqm

Project 2004-05

Construction 2005-07

This high-density structure is located on a busy street between the town and the seaside park. A system of horizontal stripes of reflective screens gives passers-by the opportunity to take a glimpse of the sea just behind the trees.

Panorama Apartment Building Burgas Apartment Building Apartment Building Burgas

The inclination of the screens differs in a way that there is always at least one reflection of the sea visible no matter the position of the viewer. Thus the spectacular panorama is altruistically revealed not only to the owners but also to passers-by. In long-distance observation, a secondary camouflage effect of the facade emerges to blur the obligatory scale and shape (both in plan and section) of the building.

The layout of the plans provides every apartment with a sea-view living space and south-oriented bedrooms. The transparent elevator visualizes the vertical progression from the underground spaces through the sea-view between the steps of the stair to the top of the observation tower.

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Location: Burgas, Bulgaria, southeast Europe

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Altruistic Panorama Apartment Building is one of three Mies Van Der Rohe 2009 Award nominated projects by I/O architects

The other two are:

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Altruistic Panorama Apartment Building photos by I/O architects

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