Hungarian Market Headquarters Budapest, Hungary Office Building Images, Development

Market Headquarters in Budapest

Budapest Office Building, Hungary commercial property design by Sandor Duzs / ArkTOON

18 Feb 2014

Market Headquarters in Budapest Building

Architect: Schön Architects, Lead architect: Sandor Duzs/ArkTOON

A Budapest northern suburb. Hard to find, hard to see…

Market Headquarters Budapest Building

With a mixed use neighbourhood needing modern and design-led office space, a dynamic and forward thinking construction company as a client and an eye catching landmark hoped for; a simple, honest and abstract way to achieve the aim was to cut off a slice from the space around.

Market Headquarters in Budapest

Abstract yet clean to be easily understood. A cutting element strong enough to form transparent space.
How to reach if not exceed these targets? With simple tools…
Firstly catch the surrounding space, express a folding, abstract, cutting element – a shell – to emphasize the overall concept and envelop the whole under a transparent veil.

Market Headquarters in Budapest office building design by Sandor Duzs / ArkTOON

Secondly clear services out of the space – wet, kitchen and storage elements are attached to the sides with major plant underground.
The result was a building of contrasts brought to life by its owners in – house skill and workmanship, highlighting cleanliness and functional thinking in an abstract manner, simultaneously a workspace and a comfortable centre of gravity – altogether able to demonstrate the builders’ architectural reach and ambition.

Hungary commercial property design by Sandor Duzs / ArkTOON

But there are invisible environmental gestures too, focused on helping exceed the initial concept: thermal mass, natural ventilation, grey-water harvesting, intelligent lighting control and solar & photovoltaic panels are already in use, alongside future-proofing for photovoltaic curtain panels.

Market HQ images Attila Glazer & Sandor Duzs / information from Sandor Duzs / ArkTOON

Location: Bojtar Street, Kunigunda Street, Budapest, Hungary, central eastern Europe

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