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Scottish Broch
Dun Edin Broch image © Adrian Welch

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Brochs of Scotland
J.N.G. Ritchie
1998, Shire Publications Ltd., 56pp., paperback
Brochs of Scotland

Bu, Gurness and the Brochs of Orkney: Bu
John W Hedges
1987, Brit.Archaeol. Reports
Brochs of Orkney

Scottish Architecture
Scottish Architecture Book

Scottish Architecture (World of Art Series)
Miles Glendinning, Aonghus MacKechnie
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Scottish Architecture
Paperback 224 pp ( 2004) Publisher: Thames and Hudson ISBN: 0500203741
196 illustrations 68 in colour

Scottish Architecture

A broch is an Iron Age drystone hollow-walled structure. They only are to be found in Scotland. Brochs include some of the most sophisticated examples of drystone architecture ever created, and belong to the classification “complex Atlantic Roundhouse” devised by Scottish archaeologists in the 1980s.

The theory that they were defensive military structures (an Iron Age equivalent to the castles and tower houses of medieval Scotland) is not accepted by many modern archaeologists, while the alternative notion that they were farmhouses is dismissed by some others. Although most stand alone in the landscape, some examples exist of brochs surrounded by clusters of smaller dwellings. Brochs typically had a double stone outer wall with timber balconies on the inner side, facing the central fire. The building structure is highly logical for both strong defence and for efficient warming.

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