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This page contains a selection of recent architectural books, with links to individual book pages. We’ve selected what we feel are the key architecture publications, however additions are always welcome. The focus is on contemporary architect books but information on key traditional architecture publications is also welcome.

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Architectural Books, chronological:

buffaloBOOKS – Building design by Minoru Yamasaki
Yamasaki architectural book
photo from BC
buffaloBOOKS, USA

‘Fluid Structures – Adventures in Engineering’
By David Crookes
Adventures in Engineering book
photo from Fluid Structures
Foreword by Ken Shuttleworth
248 pages, colour, hardback
Publisher: Watermark Publications

Brief Review by Adrian Welch, e-architect editor:

Adventures is a good word to have in a title and the book matches the title, full of personality, sprinkled with comments about Clients, architects and so on that bring the book to life.
I recognise many of these inventive designs but wasn’t aware of many of the smaller, private projects. Fluid Structures have been involved with a wide range of architects from Claudio Slivestrin to Simon Conder. Projects include an aluminium feature staircase, glass canopies, houses, and a new minimalist art gallery perched on a roof.
Permeating the work is a desire to push the design using inventive and elegant solutions.
The book is divided up by material: aluminium, glass, masonry, steel and timber.

An Encyclopaedia of Britain’s Bridges – 11 Apr 2012
by David McFetrich
Britain's Bridges Book
image : book cover
“The book, which covers more than 1650 structures – more than in any other single volume yet published, has received many excellent reviews, being described as ‘superbly produced’, the ‘definiteive book’ on its subject and ‘a major book of British transport history’.”

BIM in Small-Scale Sustainable Design
François Lévy
BIM in Small-Scale Sustainable Design
image by François Lévy. ©2011 John Wiley & Sons
BIM in Small-Scale Sustainable Design

100 Contemporary Houses
Architecture Book by TASCHEN
Contemporary Houses Book
image from TASCHEN
100 Contemporary Houses
The author Philip Jodidio studied art history and economics at Harvard, and edited Connaissance des Arts for over 20 years. His books include TASCHEN’s Architecture Now! series, and monographs on Tadao Ando, Norman Foster, Richard Meier, Jean Nouvel, and Zaha Hadid. He is internationally renowned as one of the most popular writers on the subject of architecture.

Spatialities : The Geographies of Art & Architecture
Art & Architecture Book
image from intellect books
Spatialities draws on a distinguished panel of artists, cultural theorists, architects and geographers to offer a nuanced conceptual framework for understanding the ever-evolving spatial orderings that constitute our world. This volume includes chapters covering a wide range of topics including the interstitial, the liminal and relational processes of deformation as well as distribution and stratification as a means of spatial reflection. Spatialities shows space to be less a defining category and more an abstract terrain whose boundaries may be continually deconstructed and reassembled.

The book is available from:,id=4823/

Full title: Spatialites: The Geographies of Art and Architecture
Editors: Judith Rugg & Craig Martin
ISBN: 9781841504681
Published by: Intellect | Publication: January 2012
Price: £29.95/ $50
Binding: Paperback | Dimensions: 230×170
Territory: World | Readership: General/Specialist

Powerhouse Company – Architecture Book
Ouvertures – The First Six Years
Villa 1
photograph : Bas Princen
Powerhouse Company Book
Six years ago Charles Bessard (*1970 in Paris) and Nanne de Ru (*1976 in Wageningen, Netherlands) founded the Powerhouse Company for Architecture, Design, and Research, with offices in Rotterdam and Copenhagen. Featuring selected projects, from designs to finished buildings, this publication shows the architects’ special, so-called integrated approach.

Those I have (already) built
Saint-Etienne Office Building
photo : Philippe Ruault
Manuelle Gautrand Book
Important figure of the French architectural landscape, Manuelle Gautrand created her agency Manuelle Gautrand Architecture in 1991, twenty years ago. To mark this anniversary, the book Those I Have (Already) Built retraces the career of the architect from her early achievements to today.

Reverse Effect by Jeanne Gang
Reverse Effect Book
image from Studio Gang
Reverse Effect Book
Reverse Effect: Renewing Chicago’s Waterways – a new book by Jeanne Gang
“Rather than seeking to control nature with technology, we will discover instead that in the 21st century, nature becomes technology…Can Chicago be the city that sets this new paradigm by transforming its waterways once again?”

CEBRA Architecture Book
image from CEBRA
Statement from CEBRA: “In 2006 we published the first book on CEBRA architecture, and we boldly decided to call it CEBRA_files_01. By doing so we committed ourselves to do at least one more, which, after months of hard work, we are finally doing now. The files are uploaded to the printers, and the first edition of CEBRA_files_02 will shortly arrive.

Like our first book the CEBRA_files_02 contains 400 colorful and densely illustrated pages – this time complemented by a number of essays and interviews by David Basulto of ArchDaily and Boris Brorman Jensen plus an introduction by architect Peter Wilson. We therefore would like to see as many of you as possible at our Friday get together and book release in the office on the 30th of September at 14.00.”

Designing for Education : Compendium of Exemplary Educational Facilities 2011
OECD Book - Architectural Books page
image from OECD
OECD publication
OECD publication and launch on 29 September 2011: “Designing for Education: Compendium of Exemplary Educational Facilities 2011”
image from OECD

Dynamics & De-realisation Book
Decodeine Architecture Book
picture from Margot-Krasojevic

Dynamics & De-realisation is an interdisciplinary work using philosophy, narrative and developments in computer science to define perceptions of reality and how these influence architecture – in essence what Merleau-Ponty called the “primacy of perception”. We first perceive the world, then we do philosophy, exploring what was once considered an illusion and how it has since become reality.

The design projects have been developed as part of an ongoing investigation that looks at the reasons for using computational design methods and software from a sociological point of view, questioning the production of formal investigation and examining the emergent relationship between digital tools for design, communication and architectural manifestation as a result of theoretical analysis.

The collection of design projects included in this manuscript provides an overview of philosophical theories that focus on what appears to be real, presenting a range of methodologies and a set of tools for addressing this discourse.

The contents have been divided into five sections, each chapter developing a design criteria process that refers to one of the following areas in philosophy: hyperreality and the simulacrum within postmodern philosophy, with reference to Jean Baudrillard; semiology and the authority of form; complexity and noumenon/non-Euclidean geometry; the exhausted confines of structuralist theory according to Roland Barthes; and lastly, authenticity, with the hope of further exploring how we perceive reality and the urban fabric.

Incorporating the ontological potential of space into a design process and part of a set of design criteria will help develop an understanding of the conditions under which forms and design criteria are generated.

Book by Margot Krasojevic

Architecture in India since 1990

The complexity of India’s contemporary architectural scene over a crucial period marked by economic liberalization and the contradictions, glamour and displacement wrought by globalization.

Architecture in India Book
picture from Hatje Cantz Verlag

In twenty-first-century India, hybridity, pluralism and fusion reign over singular identities, the resultant architecture mirroring the socio-economic and political fabric of one of the world’s largest and most populous nation states. Architect, educator and author Rahul Mehrotra (*1959 in New Delhi) has been at the forefront of the Indian contemporary architecture scene for the last two decades.

The book is his personal account and presents four distinct genres of architectural expression and introduces the proponents of each with a bold, incisive text supported by exceptional examples of projects that showcase the disparity and coexistence of multiple approaches.

Featuring the work of more than 60 contemporary architects, and lavishly illustrated with over 500 stunning photographs, it will interest a vast readership of academics, architects and students, as well as exponents of multiple design disciplines and the general reader with an interest in contemporary India.

Publication date August 2011
US fall 2011

Architecture Book published by Hatje Cantz Verlag – external link

100 x 100
cien arquitectos del siglo XX en México
(one hundred 20th century architects in Mexico)

Fernanda Canales y Alejandro Hernández Gálvez
Arquine 2011
24 x 20 cm
288 páginas / pages
Edición en español / Spanish edition

Chapel, Cuernavaca, Mexico Félix Candela
la Capilla abierta
junto con Guillermo Rosell y Manuel Larrosa:
Chapel Cuernavaca Mexico - Architectural Books page
picture from Arquine

The outcome of intensive research, this book comprises a kind of dictionary of 20th-century Mexican architecture. Avoiding historicism, its uniqueness lies in putting forward a reading from a 21st-century perspective, sketching out timelines and dynamic connections between the trends, events and leading figures of architectural modernism in Mexico.

Celanese building by Ricardo Legorreta (1968) in Mexico City:
Celanese Building Mexico - Architectural Books page
picture from Arquine

Ordered alphabetically by architect and illustrated almost exclusively with period photographs, the book reflects the ins and outs of an architecture midway between tradition and the avant-garde, between public vocation and the private sphere, and between color and abstraction.

Starting with the design of the volume itself, it reconstructs the paths of a history still unfinished, with a focus that offers the specialist, student or interested reader alike a panorama of the buildings and personalities that make up a story of the search for new meanings.

Shanghai New Towns Book : edited + written by Harry den Hartog – 4 May 2011
Shanghai New Towns Book
book photo

Wiel Arets Architects : STILLS exhibition book – 20 Apr 2011
STILLS Book - Architectural Books page
photo : Wiel Arets Architects

Frédéric Chaubin, Cosmic Communist Constructions Photographed – Book – 1 Feb 2011
Frédéric Chaubin, Cosmic Communist Constructions Photographed Book
image from TASCHEN

How Much Does Your Building Weigh Mr Foster? – Architecture Book + Film – 7 Jan 2011
Norman Foster - Architectural Books page
image from organisers
Architectural Books information welcome at info(at)

Architecture Books – 2010

Architecture and Field/Work Book – Edinburgh, Scotland – 29 Oct
Architecture and Field/Work Book
book cover photo

Post-Traumatic Urbanism book – Architectural Design – 28 Oct
Post-Traumatic Urbanism Book - Architectural Books page
photo from the book

A Handful of Productive Paradigms” : new architecture book by architects Julia Bolles-Wilson and Peter Wilson – 22 Oct
BOLLES+WILSON Book - Architectural Books page
photo from BOLLES+WILSON

Sustainable Home Refurbishment Book : Earthscan Publication – 22 Oct
Welsh Passivhaus - Architectural Books page
photo from S&R

MONU #13 – Dutch Magazine : MOST VALUABLE URBANISM – 20 Oct
MONU magazine - Architectural Books page
picture from BR
MONU is a small independent magazine that appears two times a year. It is produced in Rotterdam. Editor-in-chief is Bernd Upmeyer from BOARD and Managing editor is Beatriz Ramo López de Angulo from STAR strategies + architecture. Published in English it collects articles, essays, interviews, photo series, etc, around one topic.

Package Design Book : TASCHEN Publication – 19 Oct
Package Design Architectural Books page
image from TASCHEN
Featuring a selection of over 400 works from 39 countries, this book brings together all the Pentawards winners from 2009 and 2010 plus the main winners from 2008, providing a vivid demonstration of creativity in every form of packaging.

3XN Book - Architectural Books page
image : 3XN

Volume book : Stanton Williams Architects – 8 Jan
Volume architecture book
photo © Hélène Binet

Tham & Videgård Arkitekter book from Arvinius Förlag – 2 Jan
Tham & Videgård book
picture from architect

arium book – launch : edited by Jürgen Mayer H. & Neeraj Bhatia – 1 Jan
arium book - Architectural Books page
picture from architect

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